The unnamed PC was on duty at Weatherfield Police Station on the morning that Gail McIntyre was due to appear at the Magistrates Court in March 2010.

Officially charged with murdering her husband Joe, and after having been incarcerated at the police station overnight, the officer entered the cells with breakfast for the detainee. When a visibly upset Gail told her that she wasn't hungry the understanding officer left the meal for her, just in case she changed her mind.

Just over four years later in June 2014, the officer was on duty at Weatherfield General - outside the private room which was occupied by a gravely ill Tina McIntyre following a vicious attack, which was being treated by police as attempted murder.

With concerned close friends Rita Sullivan and David Platt also keeping vigil, David suggested that the PC should be out looking for Tina's assailant; the officer pointed out that her duty was to make sure that nobody tried to cause Tina any further harm. Initial signs of Tina's recovery faded away as the crash team failed to revive her. As news of her death was relayed to those waiting outside, they were unaware that her attacker was in fact Rob Donovan, who was also present and feeling anxious in their company during this time.

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