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The Police Officer formally interviewed John Stape in December 2009 following his arrest when Rosie Webster had (falsely) accused him of assault. Rosie had attempted to blackmail John into giving her £50,000 but when he naturally refused, she made up a story about him locking her inside Roy's Rolls and assaulting her. She left the cafe and started screaming outside in Victoria Street. When grandfather Bill heard her pleas for help from the Builder's Yard, he took her home and the Websters phoned the police. John was immediately arrested.

John protested his innocence throughout the interview but his version of events didn't appear to add up to the police officer - he couldn't understand why Rosie would "invent" a story since, if she wanted money she wasn't going to get any when she'd accused him of assault. The officer also thought it was strange that his wife Fiz hadn't been in contact with the police station following his arrest.

With no concrete evidence however, John was subsequently released without charge and later that evening in the Rovers in front of all the regulars, John and Fiz challenged Rosie on her story - forcing her to give herself away with the lies she had told.