Police Constable Page was a member of the Weatherfield force who had several dealings with the residents of Coronation Street in 1963 and 1964.

His first call was in March 1963 at the vestry to speak to Ena Sharples about a complaint which had been made by Fred Jackson of Jackson's Chip Shop about excessive noise emanating from the Glad Tidings Mission Hall at 1.00pm the previous night. Ena had been away in Sheffield as her sister, Alice Raynould, had just died there, and put Page on to Leonard Swindley in his role of the chair of the mission committee, saying she would be happy to help with any charges he would be proffering. Swindley assured Page that the hall had been empty by 10.45pm after a social night for the Over 60's Club, a statement that Albert Tatlock was able to verify. The police dropped their enquiries so long as there were no more complaints. Swindley quickly discovered that Jed Stone, in possession of a key, had gone into the hall late at night with Sheila Birtles, Doreen Lostock and Jerry Booth and played their records loudly.

A more serious offence was committed in October 1963: Ena had returned from the wedding of Jerry and Myra Dickinson to find her beloved vestry wrecked. PC Page accompanied Detective Sergeant Bowen to interview the distressed and shaken lady at length and Page was directed to make a list of the damage done. Hearing that Len Fairclough had a key to the premises, Bowen interviewed him with Page in attendance. They had heard that the neighbours had fallen out with Ena over her refusal to allow a children's party in the mission and that Len had been particularly aggrieved and had been so drunk at the wedding he'd was unable to account for his movements on the night. In searching the mission hall itself, Page found a carpenter's hammer pushed up behind a radiator with the initials "JB" on it which the police instantly connected to Len as Jerry was his apprentice. They also matched the claws on the hammer to marks in Ena's furniture.

Len was made to hand over the keys to his yard and a search revealed that the mission key was missing. They therefore took Len to the station to take his fingerprints. Ken Barlow suspected someone else of the crime - schoolboy Michael Butterworth who had fallen foul of Ena in the May when he stole her pension book and cashed a payment. He was able to prove the lad was the true culprit and Len was released from being under suspicion.

On patrol late at night in March 1964, Page found the door of Gamma Garments open and Leonard Swindley within. Page had thought there had been a break-in and suspected that something was wrong with the shopkeeper by his rambling talk but he was assured that all was fine. Swindley collected some items and left, but once more neglected to close and lock the door. Page spoke with Emily Nugent the next day and told her what had happened. A worried Emily found the missing man and realised he had suffered a full breakdown.

Events took a more dramatic turn in the September when an unexploded bomb was found under the flags of the back yard in 1 Coronation Street. He patrolled the street and directed the residents to shelter in the basement of the mission but he had trouble persuading Minnie Caldwell, Charlie Moffitt and Albert Tatlock to treat the matter with the urgency it deserved. Returning late from the Luxy Cinema and Jackson's, Page sent an unconcerned Elsie and Dennis Tanner to the basement but allowed Stan and Hilda Ogden into the corner shop to collect an ill Florrie Lindley. Once the bomb was defused, Page told the residents that they could go home and that a visiting Irishman - Tickler Murphy - was waiting to see her.

The character was credited under his full name in his fourth and fifth appearances but otherwise as "Policeman" or "Police Constable".

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