Phyllis Bailey (née Grimshaw) was the sister of Elsie, and the mother of her nephew Gary Bailey. She was also the aunt of Dennis Tanner, Linda Cheveski, and Bernard and Sandra Butler. During World War II, her childhood home of 18 Gas Street was bombed and her mother, father and seven of her siblings died. The only survivors were herself, Elsie, and their other sister Fay.

In adulthood, the three sisters drifted apart and became estranged, not visiting or seeing each other; however, Fay and Phyllis's children came to stay with their Auntie Elsie at some point. Phyllis's son, Gary, was sent to stay by Linda and Jenny Tanner to keep Elsie company, after Dennis moved to Bristol. Elsie had not seen Gary since he was eleven years old, and Gary filled his aunt in on what Phyllis had been up to. Elsie was interested to hear that Phyllis was on her third husband, having divorced Gary's father and losing her second husband to either divorce or widowhood. Gary left after Elsie loaned him £200 and, in a misguided attempt of affection, buying her a white Jaguar, which she eventually crashed into Ken Barlow's car.

After Gary's departure, neither Phyllis nor Gary were mentioned again, and their roles were later replaced by Butler family - Fay, Bernard and Sandra.

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