Phil Warriner was a pub-goer who harassed Kate Connor, Rana Nazir, Sophie Webster and Gemma Winter whilst on a night out in May 2018.

In an attempt to cope with the death of her brother Aidan, Kate went on a night out to Deverson's pub with her friends. Whilst ordering drinks, Gemma was approached by Phil who asked if her and her mates wanted company. Gemma turned him down flat.

However, Phil wouldn't take no for an answer and watched the group for a while afterwards. When Gemma left to go home, Phil took the opportunity to move over to their table and, despite the group telling him to leave multiple times, and his mates asking him to back off, Phil wouldn't budge. Making a grab for Kate, he was pushed to the ground and Sophie triggered her rape alarm, causing Phil and his mates to scarper. Afterwards, the girls decided to call it a night.

Phil wasn't done however, and followed the group home, catching Kate and Rana getting intimate in an alley on Victoria Street, and becoming enraged at what he saw. He grabbed Kate violently but Zeedan Nazir turned up in the nick of time after hearing the girls' screams and punched Phil to the ground. The group fled and Phil was later found with a weak pulse and taken to hospital.

Phil recovered fine but gave a description of his attacker as an Asian male when he came round, leading Zeedan to become worried and later leave Weatherfield altogether.

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