Phil Simmonds was a man who was evicted from his dwelling at Flat 2, 6 Arnica Street in September 2000 by Duggie Ferguson and Vinny Sorrell, thus rendering him homeless. Phil's neighbour Toyah Battersby was outraged by what they were doing to Phil and befriended him. Phil eventually took legal action against Duggie but the matter was settled out of court.

Phil met Toyah again in April 2001, shocked to find out she had now sided with Duggie. On 15th April Phil raped Toyah in an alleyway. When found by Jason Grimshaw she was taken back to 5 Coronation Street where Les and Janice Battersby called the police. Toyah had no idea who raped her that night, so Phil pretended to help her through the ordeal. Toyah first believed that Duggie was the culprit but this was disproved when everyone on the street was ordered to have a DNA test. Peter Barlow was then hauled into Weatherfield Police Station for a second round of questioning, but as he refused to give a DNA sample he was arrested on suspicion of rape. For the next few days everyone thought he was guilty but when the results eventually came through, Peter also was cleared. Phil called round to No.5 at the end of the month. While she was in the kitchen, Phil called out to her and Toyah recognised the voice she had heard just before her ordeal. As she tried to make an escape Phil attacked Toyah, Peter heard the screams and ran into the house and stopped him. Phil denied the rape charges at first but the DNA on Toyah's clothes and Phil's DNA were a perfect match.

In August, Toyah went to visit Phil at Strangeways Jail. Phil revealed to Toyah that he had attempted to commit suicide and later on he admitted to rape after denying responsibility for several months.

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