Phil Nail was Gail Platt's love interest and boyfriend between 2005 and 2006.

Phil met Gail at the Rosamund Street Medical Centre when he began work there as a reflexologist and Gail immediately took a shine to him. Phil also met Eileen Grimshaw and the two women would compete to win Phil's affections. After wrongly assuming Phil and Eileen had slept together, Gail filed a complaint to the Medical Centre Manager claiming that Phil's relationship with Eileen was unethical since she was his patient. Phil received a discipline over the matter, initially pushing him closer to Eileen. However, when Eileen unwittingly told Phil about Gail's past he was fascinated about her marriage to Richard Hillman.

During a date, Phil asked Gail if he could use her story with Richard Hillman as a subject for his degree in criminology. Despite being upset at first, she agreed to let him interview her children Sarah and David about their feelings regarding Richard. This angered them both, particularly David, although Phil would later destroy the interview tapes after seeing how much it upset the family. While Sarah agreed to give him a chance, David hated Phil and did his best to ruin Gail's relationship with him.

Phil later moved in with the Platts after his flat was flooded. Despite trying to get along with David, Phil couldn't stand his rudeness and eventually lost his temper and pinned him up against the wall. Phil lied to Gail over the matter, claiming to have shouted but not touched David. In revenge, David slammed Phil's hand in the boot of a car, rendering him unable to work for several weeks.

When the Platts began to receive hoax cards from Richard, Phil was suspected and tried to convince Gail of his innocence. In his frustration, he grabbed her arm in an attempt to make her listen and pushed David over when he tried to defend her. As a result Gail threw Phil out, ending their relationship. Phil was later arrested over the ongoing Hillman cards although David was eventually revealed to have been the culprit.

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"Hello!" (First line to Audrey Roberts).


"Gail! Gail!" (Final line).

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