Phil Crane and his sleazy pal Bob Cummings were customers at the Weatherfield Arms who were drinking in there the night that Shelley Unwin's hen party called in on their way into town. Bob was immediately attracted to Shelley and made a beeline for her, much to Tracy Preston's anger and annoyance as she was determined to land herself a bloke for the night. Shelley quickly grew tired of Bob's groping antics on the dance floor and stalked off. Bob and Phil were on a dating bet to see how many women they could bed and Bob, eager to claim "victory" for a bride on her hen night, showed a concerned Phil his trump card - a packet of rohypnol powder which he intended to slip into her drink.

Apologising to Shelley for his previous behaviour, Bob offered to buy her a drink and at the bar slipped the powder into her gin and tonic. Tracy, who he had been rude and dismissive to all night, spotted his actions and yelled out a warning before Shelley could drink the spiked concoction. A fight then broke out and the two men were ejected but soon came back and confronted Tracy. She told them that they were pathetic to need to use rohypnol to bed a woman and snatched the remaining powder from him. Bob went for Tracy but Ciaran McCarthy had just arrived at the pub and he stepped in. As another altercation broke out, Phil held Ciaran while Bob punched him. The two men ran off but Tracy was left holding the rohypnol which she used to devastating effect on the night of Shelley's wedding when she drugged Roy Cropper to get him into bed and prove to Bev Unwin that she could attract any man she chose.

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