Petula Peach was the owner of a local abattoir who Fred Elliott "dated" in May 2003, hoping that it would be good for his business, or, as he said to Archie Shuttleworth, "I'm rather hoping that if all goes well, in the future, she'll be taking a lot of my sausage!"

When Petula turned up at 4 Coronation Street for her night out with Fred, she proved to be a female copy of the butcher - loud, repeating her sentences and unaware of the effect that some of her more outrageous statements had, such as when she mistook Ashley Peacock and Curly Watts for a gay couple, much to their amusement. A few days later, Ashley found it equally funny when Fred revealed that he wasn't going out with her any more as he found the way that she repeated her words to be an irritating habit!

Their paths crossed again in October of that year when Fred was going on a Butchers' trip to the Highlands of Scotland and was horrified to find that Petula had organised the convention. He considered dropping out as he didn't fancy a fortnight of, "her bellowing down me ear" but in the end he braved the excursion. On his arrival back, he revealed he'd avoided the organised coach back down south as Petula had told him she'd reserved his seat next to her and instead taken a train.

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