Peter Noone and Peter Adamson pictured together. This photograph is often depicted as being a scene from the programme but the sign behind them for Fairclough and Booth (which formed in August 1965) and the length of Peter Noone's hair date it to the mid-1960s and was probably taken when Noone was at Granada Television's studios with Herman's Hermits for a recording session and he visited the Coronation Street studio.

Peter Noone (born 5th November 1947) appeared as a child actor in Coronation Street as an unnamed Child in two episodes in December 1961 and was then credited as Stanley Fairclough, son of Len one episode later (incidentally, the only named guest part to be credited on the programme during the Equity actors' strike).

Two years later, Noone was one of the founder members of the group Herman's Hermits who reached international fame with the hit records I'm into Something Good, Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter and I'm Henry the Eighth, I Am in the UK and United States of America and in the latter country were the top-selling group in 1965 as part of the so-called "British Invasion" in the wake of The Beatles.

The group disbanded in 1971 since when Noone has had a solo career and with a group named The Tremblers and as part of a group named Herman's Hermit's but with Noone as the only original member. He has also continued his acting career.

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