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Peter Barlow is the son of Ken, father of Simon, current husband of Carla Barlow and ex-husband of Leanne Battersby.

Peter and his twin sister Susan were five years old when their mother Val was killed by an electric shock in 1971. Ken initially tried to bring them up by himself but within a year he gave up and sent them to Glasgow into the care of Val's parents, Alfred and Edith Tatlock. By the time he'd remarried and sent for the twins, Peter and Susan were settled in Glasgow and refused to move back.

Peter signed up when he was fifteen and his early adulthood was spent serving in the Royal Navy. He married his first wife Jessica Midgeley in 1990, splitting up ten years later after she was unfaithful. Discharged from the Navy, by 2002 Peter had built up a good life for himself in Weatherfield as owner of Barlow's Bookies and fiancé of Rovers landlady Shelley Unwin. An affair with Lucy Richards and the birth of their son Simon resulted in Peter leading a double life, marrying both Lucy and Shelley, the latter bigamously. When he was found out, Lucy moved to Australia with Simon, and Peter made a fresh start in Portsmouth.

In 2008, Lucy died and left all of her money to Peter on the condition that he brought up Simon. Returning to Weatherfield, Peter again bought the bookies however he began drinking to cope with the pressures of fatherhood, becoming an alcoholic. After setting his flat on fire and nearly killing Simon, Peter quit drinking and started attending AA meetings. Staying sober was a constant battle for Peter and one he didn't always win, with him falling off the wagon several times over the following years.

Peter's third wife, Leanne Battersby, stood by him throughout his drinking problems and was looked up as Simon's mother. Marrying in 2010, they split up after Peter cheated on her with Underworld boss Carla Connor and Peter went on to marry Carla. Peter's destructive behaviour continued when he made Tina McIntyre his mistress, causing Carla to miscarry their baby when she found out. In 2014, Peter was sentenced to life for murdering Tina until Carla's brother Rob confessed to the act. After regaining his freedom, Peter returned to Portsmouth, soon to be a divorcee once again.

Peter's relationship with Ken has often been difficult due to Ken never being there for Peter when he was a youth, and Peter was determined not to repeat the same mistakes with Simon. Nevertheless, it was Ken's declining health that brought Peter back to Weatherfield in 2016. Now in a relationship with Toyah Battersby, Peter bought the Rovers Return in 2017. He dumped Toyah when she passed off Eva Price's daughter Susie as theirs after their surrogate, Jacqui Ainsworth, suffered a miscarriage.

Selling the pub, Peter became a driver for Street Cars and reconciled with Carla. They married again in 2021, weeks before Peter received a life-saving liver transplant. Since then, they have led a more settled life, residing at 15a Victoria Street.



Peter aged 9, with Ken and Susan

Peter was born along with his twin sister Susan in April 1965 to parents Ken and Valerie Barlow. In 1968, they all moved to the newly-built Maisonettes.

In 1971, when Peter and Susan were six, Ken and Val planned to take them to Jamaica as Ken was offered a teaching post there, and it would be a new life for them. When Peter and Susan were being babysat by Albert Tatlock, and while Ken was in the Rovers Return waiting for Val she was electrocuted and killed.


Ken couldn't cope with the twins without Val, and later in the year, Val's mother Edith Tatlock decided to was best if the twins come up to Glasgow to stay with her and Val's father, Alfred Tatlock. Ken accepted as he thought it would be best. Peter and Susan spent their childhood years being raised by their grandparents and Ken came up to visit them time to time, or the twins would go down to visit him.

Peter visited in 1975 as he missed Ken and wanted to stay with him. Ken learned that Peter had been skipping school.

In 1978, Peter returned again to Coronation Street, presumably this time to stay with Ken. Ken later learned that Peter had failed his exams and decided that Peter should resit them again, this time in Weatherfield. Peter wanted to return to Glasgow and phoned Edith to come and pick him up, although Ken didn't want to have any of it. Peter later signed up to join the Navy and left.

He returned on leave for his sister Susan's wedding to Mike Baldwin in 1986, and wasn't happy when his father Ken refused to give Susan away out of hatred for Mike. After some home truths towards his father, Ken decided to go, for Susan's sake. Peter left with his girlfriend Jessica Midgeley and they married in 1990.


After serving twenty years in the Navy, Peter returned to Weatherfield in December 2000, during the time when his father Ken was protesting with other local residents to save the cobbles on Coronation Street, as the Council wanted to tarmac it. Peter revealed to his family that he and his wife Jessica had split up, as she had an affair while he was away. In 2001, Peter was the suspect of the rape of Toyah Battersby, but later managed to help catch the real culprit, Phil Simmonds.

Peter accidentally let it slip to father Ken that Susan had a teenage son Adam, fathered by Mike, but she had claimed that she had an abortion. Mike later found out through Dev Alahan, who was told by Deirdre, who was told by Ken. Susan was visiting Ken at the time, but died in a car crash while trying to flee Weatherfield. Adam however survived, but Peter and Ken felt guilty, and blamed themselves.

2003: Peter looks on as Shelley learns the truth from Lucy about their marriage and son

During 2001, Peter began a relationship with Shelley Unwin, who managed the Rovers. However, in September 2002 he began an affair with florist Lucy Richards. When she fell pregnant, he married her, despite still being engaged. The only person to know about his relationship with Lucy was his step-sister and Lucy's employee Tracy. When Lucy learned that he was still engaged to Shelley, she threw him out. Lucy gave birth to Simon in July 2003 and slowly began to let Peter have links with her life again. When she discovered that Peter had bigamously married Shelley in July 2003 - two weeks after his son Simon was born, she informed Shelley in September 2003 before taking Simon with her for a new life in Australia in November. Peter was thrown out by Shelley and made a hasty departure to Portsmouth following his public shaming.

He was not seen again in Weatherfield until he returned for several months in early 2007, concerned about Tracy's volatile relationship with Charlie Stubbs. He was attacked by Charlie, who thought Peter was Tracy's lover, and within a week Tracy had murdered Charlie. In the time leading up to Tracy's trial he stayed in Weatherfield and enjoyed a short relationship with Maria Sutherland. After Tracy was given life imprisonment, he returned to his business in Portsmouth, letting Adam come with him.


Peter was next seen in October 2008, returning with Simon after Lucy's death from breast cancer. He had no interest in being a father and was ready to put Simon into care. However he changed his mind when he discovered that Lucy had left everything to him on the condition he raised Simon. Although the money was meant to be used caring for Simon, Peter instead used the money to buy the bookmakers shop from Dan Mason, renaming it Barlow's Bookies. Father and son set up home in the flat above it. Peter found it difficult to cope with the responsibility of fatherhood and started drinking to take the pressure off.

Peter set his sights on Leanne Battersby, but as it became clearer that he had a drink problem, she was reluctant to commit to him. In early 2009, Peter entered rehab in Portsmouth to battle his demons. When he returned in March, he and Leanne started a relationship. It was short lived, as a woman arrived claiming that they had an affair while he was drying out. Leanne left him, and Weatherfield, to live in Leeds.

Simon tries to wake Peter when the flat is set on fire in 2009

Peter's drinking continued, resulting in him accidentally burning the flat down after passing out with a cigarette in his hand. After realising the danger that he put his young son in, Peter vowed to never drink again and began attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

After a fling with Michelle Connor, he resumed his relationship with Leanne when he persuaded her to come back to him in September. They decided to open a bar together in the joinery premises under the viaduct at the end of Coronation Street. Ken was dead set against the plan, but Peter found investment in Lucy's father George Wilson, who was attempting to build a relationship with Simon.

As work began on the bar, Peter's drink problem returned. George tried to use the alcoholism against Peter to get custody of Simon for himself. As Peter tried once more to clean up his act, he berated George and his wife Eve for losing Simon in Blackpool, and warned George to stay away. Due to Peter's ongoing rehabilitation, plans for the bar were abandoned.

Peter and Leanne become engaged in 2010

Despite his personal problems, Peter's relationship with Leanne survived and they became engaged. He even overcame the threat he felt from her ex-husband Nick Tilsley moving back to the Street. When Nick decided to use the premises at the end of the street to open his own bar, The Joinery, Peter encouraged Leanne to take up his offer of a manager role.

While Leanne and Nick were working hard to get the bar open, Peter grew close to Leanne's friend Carla Connor when he realised that she also had a drink problem. He offered support to her and their meetings were kept secret between the two of them. When Leanne asked where he kept going off to, Peter told her that he was supporting a man from AA named Carl. In November, The Joinery opened and Carla became drunk before driving her car home. She was pulled over by police and Peter took her home from the station after she'd been charged with drink driving. Carla made a pass at Peter that night but he told her, while he was tempted, he only wanted to be with Leanne. However, across town after hours at The Joinery, Leanne began an affair with Nick.

Peter and Leanne marry in hospital following the explosion at The Joinery

Nick begged Leanne not to go through with the wedding as he still loved her. When Leanne told Carla what had happened she told her to choose Nick too, although this was largely down to her plan to snare Peter. Leanne chose to go ahead with the wedding and call off her affair with Nick. At Peter's stag party in The Joinery on 6th December 2010, Nick took Peter into the office to tell him the truth but they were interrupted by Ashley Peacock who had come to say his farewells. At this point a massive gas explosion ripped through The Joinery, damaging the viaduct and causing a tram to derail and crash into the Street. Peter was gravely injured but rescued by Nick and Ashley, who died for his efforts. Believing he was close to death, Peter married Leanne in the hospital that night.

Peter survived but his injuries meant that he would have to learn to walk again. He and Leanne moved into 1 Coronation Street with Ken and Deirdre while he convalesced. Leanne told Peter that she now knew that "Carl" was Carla. On Christmas Day, Peter announced in the Rovers that he intended to be walking by 14th February when he planned to give Leanne the wedding that she deserved. After a week away over New Year, the pressure of his injuries was already beginning to show. He rejected Ken's help and insisted on moving back to the flat, taking a lot of his frustration out on Leanne. Encouraged by a manipulative Nick, Peter began secretly drinking again. Peter later learned of Leanne's affair with Nick from recently released sister Tracy (who overheard Leanne arguing with Carla about it), and believed she was working against him with Nick. He asked a worried Nick to be his best man, which he accepted.

On the day of the wedding, Peter managed to walk down the aisle (with a little trouble) but then revealed to a shocked congregation about Leanne and Nick's deceit and wanted to divorce Leanne. He then kicked her out, and later arrived at the destroyed Joinery to confront Nick and threatened to kill him, only letting him survive due to saving him. Later on, Ken convinced Peter he should give Leanne a second chance, and Peter got a hold of her before she boarded her train and they got back together. They then went on a break to discuss and talk over it.

Later in the year Peter began to see Carla and was still attracted to her. When she got drunk and accidentally ran over Stella Price (Leanne's long lost mum who had recently returned), he helped cover it up. When Leanne found out, she wanted to go to the police but decided against it after Carla overdosed (which was only known by Peter and Leanne). When Carla was raped by her business partner and fiancé Frank Foster after calling off the wedding, Peter had beaten him up but was then charged and released. Peter began to support Carla after her ordeal, coming under suspicion of Leanne. They began an affair, and planned to get together after Frank was sent down, but he was later let off by getting photos of Peter and Carla together and convincing people they tried to set him up. Leanne was devastated and briefly left the Street much to upset of Simon, and Peter moved Carla in. When Frank managed to con the shares of Underworld out of Carla, using his new girlfriend Jenny Sumner to offer Carla a "better" opportunity, Peter got drunk and announced in Nick's Bistro that he would kill Frank. Coincidentally, Frank was later murdered, and Peter came under suspicion. He couldn't remember what happened that night, but "confessed" as the police were suspicious of Carla. However Leanne discovered he was with Howard Lee, who ran the alcoholics support group, and told the police and Peter was released. The killer turned out to be Frank's mother, Anne.

Throughout the first half of 2012, Peter got involved in a strong feud with Leanne over the custody of Simon although he finally decided to let Simon stay with Leanne. However, when he decided that he wanted to start seeing his son again, Leanne made excuses not to, and Peter wasn't happy about Simon's bond with Nick. When Leanne planned to leave Weatherfield with Simon and Nick for a new life, Peter was strongly against it. He vanished from the Street and was presumed dead, but later picked Simon up from football training and took him to a B&B. He contacted Carla to meet him at the train station and asked to bring their passports so they could flee the country. Carla turned up with a worried Leanne and Peter decided to let Simon stay with her. A broken-hearted Peter left the country with Carla and a few months later, Peter and Leanne were divorced.


A cleaned up Peter returns to Weatherfield with Carla after a break.

In December, he arrived back in Weatherfield with Carla just as Leanne and Nick prepared to set off for their wedding in Las Vegas. Peter announced he was now off the alcohol and was back for the Christmas period. Leanne and Nick postponed the wedding as Simon wanted to remain with Peter. However, Carla wanted to return to Los Angeles as she didn't like being back in Weatherfield. Carla left on her own and Peter remained, and he attempted to worm his way back into Leanne's affections. Finding her drunk after her hen night, he tried to convince her they should give their relationship another go. Leanne left, apparently turning down Peter's offer. On that same night, Carla showed up again, seemingly fine and moved back in with him. Peter hadn't warned Leanne of Carla's return, and she went ahead and attempted to jilt Nick on their wedding day, but was shocked to find Carla had moved back in. Peter ended up denying to Carla he was going to take Leanne back.

In 2013 Peter began to struggle at the bookies. He had unwillingly taken on Rob for Carla's sake when Rob had ideas to improve the place and therefore bring in more punters. Peter also disliked Rob due to the fact he was dating Tracy and felt that she was too good for him. Peter assured his father that he would deal with Rob, as Ken was also mistrustful of him.

Peter later sacked Rob from the bookies feeling he was incompetent, which caused more bad feelings between the pair. In the summer Rob offered to place high bets on certain races and, despite not having the cash to pay Rob if he did win, Peter agreed. When Rob subsequently won, Peter was embarrassed in front of the punters when he was unable to pay up. Instead of reporting Peter, Rob made him an offer to lease the premises of the shop from him and Tracy rent free for the next six months instead. Peter had no option but to agree and leased the property to Rob and Tracy. The pair opened a cash converters shop and renamed the premises Barlow's Buys. Peter began working at Underworld with Carla in the office, although he felt it damaged his pride as he was relying on her for his work and upkeep.

2013: Peter begins an affair with Tina McIntyre

Later in the year Peter found himself growing close to barmaid Tina McIntyre. On the day of his wedding to Carla, they kissed after everyone had left the celebrations, however they seemingly regretted their actions. Regardless, they had an on-off affair over the next few months, but Peter began to feel the pressure, especially as Carla had fallen pregnant with his child, and Tina had a pregnancy scare as well. He fell off the wagon for the first time in nearly two years, but didn't want to admit to Carla the real reason why. He was admitted to a rehab clinic for a couple of weeks but when he returned he still struggled and occasionally sneaked off to drink alone. Carla put him under house arrest but this angered him further.

In May 2014, Peter planned to run away to Portsmouth with Tina for a new life away from Weatherfield. However had chosen to remain as Carla was pregnant, although Tina threatened to expose his secrets. Distraught Peter went to the Rovers and confessed to Carla about the affair. Tina was later viciously attacked by Rob and later died in hospital, and Peter became a prime suspect. His world fell apart when Carla separated from him, and he went to move into No.1. Peter turned up at Tina's funeral drunk and whilst getting into a confrontation with Rob, blurted out that he and Tina were even as she had ruined his marriage, causing the residents of the street to now suspect Peter for her demise. Peter was arrested in July on suspicion of Tina's murder as a charm bracelet belonging to her flatmate Steph Britton was found in the backyard of No.1 with Peter's finger prints on it (he innocently moved it when retrieving a newspaper in the kitchen). Peter was subsequently charged.

2014: Peter finds himself depending on Jim McDonald for booze

Peter began to lose hope inside, believing that his family thought he was guilty and that his father wanted nothing to do with him (although in reality Ken hadn't yet been informed of events by Deirdre and he was still in Canada). Ken returned to Weatherfield and assured Peter that he didn't think he was guilty, which helped to reassure him. However Peter found himself still deprived of booze, and when Simon hadn't turned up for a visit Peter was desperate for a drink. His cellmate Eugene Clelland had let slip that a man nicknamed "The Landlord" had been smuggling booze in for prisoners, however, warned that he wasn't to be messed with. Peter went to see the Landlord, and to his surprise, discovered it was Jim McDonald. He allowed Peter to have a drink as he was a friend of Steve's, however, expected payment.

Over the course of the coming weeks, Peter found himself again alcohol dependent. Jim then began winding Peter up, and told him to contact Steve and organise a visit.

2014: Peter ends up in hospital with alcohol poisoning

Ex-wife Liz, however, turned up and told Jim to back off and leave Steve alone. In a foul mood, Jim refused to give Peter any more booze as he didn't fulfil his promise. Growing desperate, Peter sought out Jim's drink stash and began drinking a lot which caused him to collapse with alcohol poisoning. Peter was rushed to Weatherfield General in critical condition but managed to pull through. After a visit from Carla, Peter assured her that he "knew" she killed Tina and that he would cover for her. This caused confusion with Carla, and she realised that Peter wasn't guilty. After recovering, Peter returned to prison and was visited by Jim who told him that a lot of prisoners were angry with him for drinking away most of the supply. Peter and Eugene's cell was later trashed as a warning.

Peter is found guilty of Tina's murder.

Wanting revenge, Peter scuppered Jim's chances of seeing Steve and Amy again by revealing to Steve that Jim was supplying the booze. Steve once again cut off contact with his father and also reported Jim for his dodgy dealings. Peter was led away by two men hired by Jim and given a beating, however, he accepted his punishment instead of reporting Jim.

Peter was put on trial for Tina's murder, however, felt he was pretty much done for when Leanne gave damaging evidence about his attack on Nick, and Steve broke down in the witness box recounting how he'd advised Peter to "shut Tina up". After a tense few days in the court, the jury delivered a "guilty" verdict and a speechless Peter was later seen put in his cell. On 24th October he was sentenced to life in prison, expected to serve at least fifteen years.

2014: Peter leaves

Rob later confessed to Carla that he'd killed Tina and was subsequently arrested. Peter was then acquitted and released from prison on 10th November, although he received a frosty reception from some residents. He made up with Steve and begged Carla for forgiveness but she refused to take him back.

Unable to cope with being judged by the residents, Peter decided to move down to Portsmouth once again in order to clear his head, but to the distress of Simon. With the help of Carla, Peter had a heart-to-heart with his son, who was assured that he could visit Peter whenever he wanted. Peter then said goodbye to Ken, Tracy and Leanne, and left Weatherfield in a taxi but allowed Simon to come with him to see him off on the train.


Peter pulled himself together following his departure and got himself a flat and a job at a bookmaker's shop.

2015: Peter, Ken and Tracy reminisce about happier times with Deirdre

In July 2015 Peter was informed by Ken that Deirdre had passed away. Peter wasn't able to make it to the funeral and turned up at No.1 afterwards just as Ken and Tracy had got into a heated argument, which escalated when Ken blamed Tracy for Deirdre staying away in her final weeks due to Tracy having an affair with Tony Stewart and humiliating Liz McDonald. Moments before Ken discovered Tracy in a compromising situation with ex-husband Robert Preston. In return Tracy let rip into both Ken and Peter, angry that Peter had missed Deirdre's funeral and didn't care for his excuses. When Ken went to lie down, Peter gave Tracy some home truths and revealed that he feared her daughter Amy would turn out like her, hated by everyone and would one day be alone and warned Tracy to change her ways before it became true. When Ken came down from his rest, Tracy apologised for her behaviour and the family made up and reminisced about the happier times with Deirdre.

The next day Peter prepared to leave again. He was visited by Simon and Leanne and broke the news to his son that he had been offered a job with a charter boat company in Antigua for six months. Simon was upset and wanted to leave with him, but Peter said they could always keep in touch and visit. Saying goodbye to Simon again and another glance at a passing Carla, Peter got into a taxi and left Weatherfield once again.

In September that year, Leanne was unable to cope with the stress of Simon's behaviour as she had been suffering domestic abuse from him behind closed doors, so she sent him to stay with Peter in Portsmouth. Simon returned in November after an eight-week stay, but claimed that Peter had no time for him as he was away most of the day, and even after work would be spending time with his girlfriend Sharon. Despite this claim though, Simon tried to hurt Leanne further by claiming Sharon was better than her and more fun. Unable to cope once more, Leanne attempted to contact Peter but he didn't answer her calls. Ken did manage to contact Peter and informed him about what was happening. He was apparently sympathetic towards Leanne's situation, blaming himself for the way Simon had turned out.

Simon went to stay with Peter again in February 2016 after Leanne called the police on him for his domestic abuse after Simon was accused of deliberately attacking his former friend Kyle during football training. After it was discovered Simon didn't attack Kyle as evidenced by video footage, he called Peter to see if he could come and stay with him. Ken then drove Simon to Portsmouth. In May Leanne and Simon went to visit him again as it was the first anniversary of the death of Leanne's boyfriend Kal Nazir in the Victoria Court fire and she wished to avoid being close to such painful memories. q


In October 2016 Peter called Simon and told him that he would be present to witness him receive his Player of the Year Award for football, much to Simon's excitement. However, to no surprise, Peter was a no show, leaving Simon bitter. A couple of days later Peter made an unexpected return to Coronation Street, letting himself into No.1 to the surprise of Ken. Sporting a nasty gash, Peter apologised for missing Simon receiving his award and claimed he had walked into a boom.

Peter arrived at Tracy's new venture set up at his property, now a florist named Preston's Petals and asked for money to tide him over, saying that he had a bust-up with the yacht's owner and that he was struggling to find work as the man knew every marina. Ken walked in on the conversation and was disappointed Peter lied to him, but agreed not to tell Simon.

That night, Peter arrived back home at 1 am to a suspicious Ken. Peter insisted that he was meeting someone in a pub about new work but Ken refused to believe him. Moments later Ken had a stroke. A few days later, with Ken in hospital, Tracy learned about the argument and told Peter to leave town, telling him no-one wanted him there. When Peter was about to leave, he started chatting to Steve McDonald, who offered to let him stay at his place, the Rovers.

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Background information

The past four Peter Barlows. Linus Roache (1973-1975), Joseph McKenna (1977-1978), David Lonsdale (1986) and Chris Gascoyne (2000 to present). Gascoyne has played the character the longest since Peter's reintroduction as a regular in 2000. His stints have also involved the character in major storylines

Peter and Susan were first introduced in 1965 as newborn twins to established characters Ken and Valerie Barlow. After Anne Reid quit the role of Valerie in 1971, where the character was killed off, Peter and Susan were written out of the show, with the twins moving to Scotland in the show's narrative. He continued to make recurring appearances in the show over the next few decades, and wasn't a regular character again until December 2000. Peter's numerous returns to the show resulted in a total of seven actors appearing in the role.

The first actor in the role of Peter was Robert Heanue, whose twin sister Katie appeared as Susan. The Heanue twins appeared in their respective roles from the characters' births in April 1965 until early 1970, when they moved away from Greater Manchester. Despite having a stint of nearly five years, the twins were never credited in their roles.

Following Heanue's departure, the second actor to appear as Peter was Christopher Dormer who took over the role in April 1970. Dormer was the first actor to be credited in the role. He appeared until April 1971 when the character was written out. Around the same time, Dormer emigrated to Canada with his family. He briefly returned to England in 1981 where he had a reunion with former on-screen father William Roache, appearing in TV Times magazine. In 2001, still living in Canada and working as an estate agent, Dormer spoke of his time on the show: "I didn't come from an acting family, but my parents were keen on the idea when I was offered the part. I really enjoyed the Street. I remember Pat Phoenix and Julie Goodyear kissing and tickling me because they thought I was cute. Most of the actors were nice, but some weren't. Violet Carson, who played Ena Sharples, was very grumpy. She didn't like children and really scared me."

Peter's third actor, Mark Duncan, appeared in a single episode in September 1971.

The fourth actor was Linus Roache, who appeared sporadically from October 1973 to April 1975. Roache is the son of William Roache, who played Peter's father Ken. Roache would later return to the series briefly in 2010 as Ken's other son Lawrence Cunningham.

Joseph McKenna was the fifth actor in the role, appearing from August 1977 to October 1978. During this period, the character had been aged up a number of years as part of a storyline where he wanted to join the navy (and did off-screen in 1980). McKenna was the only actor to play Peter with a Scottish accent.

Peter briefly returned nearly eight years later from March to May 1986, by which point he had returned to his original age (21 during this year), with David Lonsdale appearing in the role. The character returned as part of a storyline where his sister Susan married his father's rival Mike Baldwin.

After a fourteen year absence, Peter was once again brought back during the Coronation Street live anniversary episode in December 2000, with actor number seven, Chris Gascoyne, now playing the part. This time Peter was brought back as a regular character, the first time since 1971. The character was involved in numerous storylines such as the death of his twin sister Susan and a bigamy storyline in 2003 which also saw the birth of his first child, Simon. Gascoyne quit the role in 2003, but briefly returned in 2007 during a storyline where his adopted sister Tracy Barlow was being sent down for the murder of her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs.

Peter was written back into the show in 2008 again in a regular role, with Chris Gascoyne still playing the character. Peter returned with his estranged son Simon, whose mum and Peter's ex-wife Lucy died off-screen. His storylines from 2008 to 2013 included an alcohol addiction, struggling to raise Simon, marrying Leanne Battersby, temporarily being confined to a wheelchair (as part of the show's 50th anniversary special which included a live episode) and an affair with Carla Connor, whom he later married.

Chris Gascoyne was absent from the series from July to December 2012 as he, along with Alison King (who played Carla Connor), took a break from the show.

From 2013 to 2014 Peter was involved in a large storyline which saw him embark on an affair with barmaid Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan). The storyline tied with Tina's murder in May 2014. In promotions for the "Who Killed Tina?" campaign, Peter was listed as one of four main suspects, alongside Carla Connor, Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford). Rob was revealed to be the culprit, but Peter was involved in a miscarriage of justice storyline when he was remanded and temporarily found guilty of Tina's murder, which also tied with the return of Charles Lawson as Jim McDonald.

Peter departed the show again in November 2014 at the end of his storyline involving being wrongfully incarcerated for Tina's murder. Gascoyne reprised the role again a few months later in July 2015 for a couple of episodes which was part of a farewell storyline for Deirdre Barlow after the real-life passing of the actress Anne Kirkbride in January 2015.

It was announced in July 2016 that Peter would be re-introduced to the programme later that year alongside Adam Barlow and Daniel Osbourne, as new producer Kate Oates wanted to strengthen the Barlow family. Gascoyne once again reprised his role as Peter who returned as a full-time character in October 2016.


List of addresses

Address Duration
9 Coronation Street April 1965 to 19th June 1968
14 Coronation Street (Maisonette) 19th June 1968 to January 1971
Glasgow February 1971 to October 1973
1 Coronation Street 15th to 17th October 1973
Glasgow 24th October 1973 to March 1974
11 Coronation Street 25th March 1974
Glasgow March 1974 to April 1975
11 Coronation Street 16th to 28th April 1975
Glasgow April 1975 to August 1977
1 Coronation Street 22nd August to 7th September 1977
Glasgow September 1977 to August 1978
1 Coronation Street 21st August to 25th October 1978
Glasgow October 1978 to Unknown
Plymouth Unknown to March 1986
1 Coronation Street 31st March to 14th May 1986
Plymouth May 1986 to December 2000
1 Coronation Street 8th December 2000 to January 2001
15 Coronation Street January to March 2001
1 Coronation Street April to October 2001
19a Victoria Street October 2001 to March 2003
Rovers Return Inn March to September 2003
1 Coronation Street September to November 2003
Portsmouth November 2003 to January 2007
1 Coronation Street January to April 2007
Portsmouth April 2007 to October 2008
1 Coronation Street October 2008 to January 2009
Portsmouth January to March 2009
19a Rosamund Street March 2009 to December 2010
1 Coronation Street December 2010 to January 2011
19a Rosamund Street January 2011 to July 2012
Caribbean mid 2012
Los Angeles mid to December 2012
19a Rosamund Street December 2012 to August 2014
1 Coronation Street November 2014
Portsmouth November 2014 to July 2015
1 Coronation Street 15th to 16th July 2015
Portsmouth July 2015 to mid 2015
Antigua mid 2015
Portsmouth September 2015
1 Coronation Street October to December 2016
19a Rosamund Street December 2016 to July 2017
Rovers Return Inn July 2017 to June 2018
1 Coronation Street 21st June 2018 to 20th April 2020
Rovers Return Inn 20th April 2020 to January 2021
1 Coronation Street January 2021 to present

Employment history

Role Institution Duration
Royal Navy 1980 to December 2000
Owner Barlow's Bookies October 2001 to November 2003
Owner Turf Accountant in Portsmouth November 2003 to November 2008
Owner Barlow's Bookies November 2008 to July 2013
Packer Underworld August 2013
Office assistant Underworld September 2013
Freeholder Barlow's Buys August 2013 to January 2016
Co-owner Underworld October 2013 to July 2014
Bookmaker Turf Accountant in Portsmouth November 2014 to mid 2015
Charter boat company in Antigua mid 2015 to October 2016
Freeholder Preston's Petals January 2016 to May 2017
Taxi driver Street Cars October 2016 to July 2017
Landlord Rovers Return Inn July 2017 to June 2018
Co-owner Underworld 2018
Taxi driver Street Cars 2018 to present

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