Penny King was the wife of local businessman Preston King, who often did business with factory owner Mike Baldwin. When Preston died Penny became close to Mike and a relationship ensued, but Mike's Alzheimer's crept in and Mike kicked her out of his flat. During her time on the Street, Fred Elliott took a shine to her and proposed to her but she turned him down. Penny's final appearance was at Mike's funeral. Jamie Baldwin worked for her clothing company King's Robes up until late December 2006.

Penny, or her business successors, appears to be one of the sponsors of Weatherfield County FC, whose home ground as of the 2019/20 season is named the King's Robes Arena.

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"Pleased to meet you! And thank you! Preston says he wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for you!" (First line, to Harry Flagg)


"Been getting used to it, Ken. Tell Adam I'll call him tomorrow." (Final line)

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