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Penny was an estate agent, who turned up with a client at the Elliott & Son butcher's shop in September 2011 at the same time Tyrone Dobbs, Kirk Sutherland, and Tommy Duckworth had Leon Southam locked in the fridge. Kirk managed to put the client off and Norris Cole who came in snooping around didn't help, which annoyed the agent.

In February 2012, she showed Milton Fanshaw around the shop premises, as he was interested in buying it to expand Roy's Rolls into a larger steakhouse restaurant.

In June 2012, she escorted prospective purchaser Shirley on a viewing of 13 Coronation Street. Shirley was perturbed by an unpleasant smell in the house, which had been caused by current occupants Tracy McDonald and Beth Tinker in a deliberate bid to sabotage Steve McDonald's attempt to sell the house.

Just over four years later in August 2016, she met with client Nick Tilsley outside the vacant archway premises next door to Nick's Bistro in Viaduct Street. After viewing, Nick made an offer on the property, and Penny advised that she'd speak to the vendor and get back in touch with him as soon as she possibly could.

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