Pearl Hackney, (28th October, 1916 - 18th September, 2009) was a regular face on television, often in comedic roles. Born in Burton-on-Trent but brought up in Liverpool, Hackney had been a Windmill girl in her youth after showing an early talent for ballet dancing, and was married to comic Eric Barker in 1936. She became best known for a series of radio comedy shows with her husband such as Merry-Go-Round and Waterlogged Spa. She moved into television with Barker in 1950 with The Eric Barker Half Hour and after he suffered a stroke appeared in sitcoms without him such as Oh, Father!. Straight acting roles were provided in series such as Z Cars, Minder and Bergerac but continued with comedy with an appearance in Are You Being Served? She first appeared in Coronation Street in 1973 as Ethel Bostock and later as Renee Roberts' mother Daisy Hibbert who appeared in both 1978 and 1980.

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