Twenty-three year old Paul Sidall was a friend of teenager Karen Oldfield and competition for her affections with Martin Cheveski. His gran, Elsie Tanner had put pressure on Martin to go to Birmingham for Christmas with his parents and Karen was put out by this. She'd bought him a record by The Jam for his present and she gave it to Paul instead. The two of them were in the Rovers to meet up with other friends prior to going out but Martin returned and walked in on them as they were leaving. Martin wasn't pleased to see Karen with another lad and Paul started to get hot under the collar with him. When Paul went for Martin, he was easily pushed back onto a table and Fred Gee intervened, throwing Paul, Karen and her friends out and telling Martin that girls like her weren't worth the bother.

After Christmas was over, Elsie told Martin that Karen had every right to see other people and suggested he talk to her. He did so and suggested a night out but she told him she'd already made arrangements to see Paul. Martin was jealous that the older lad would probably have more money and a car. Karen told him that just because she liked Paul it didn't mean that she'd gone off him. Martin sulked over the rejection but Elsie told him to be reasonable, saying it wasn't as if they were engaged. This gave him the idea of doing just that but Karen was put off by the pressure at such a young age and finished with Martin, devastating the young lad. He packed and returned to Birmingham permanently.

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