Apollo "Paul" Foreman is the twin brother of Gemma Winter and ex-cellmate of David Platt.

In May 2018, Paul was introduced to David as his cellmate in Highfield Prison - despite David's protests that he didn't want to share (as he had been raped by a man, Josh Tucker, and as a result feared sharing the confined space). David warned Paul to stay away from him, and later lashed out and pinned him to a wall - as Paul gently tried to wake him up. David later apologised to Paul and admitted that he could do with a mate inside, but Paul informed him that there were no 'mates' in prison and that he would have to learn to fend for himself.

In January 2019, Paul showed up on Coronation Street looking for his sister - whom he had learnt lived nearby due to his conversations with David in prison. After causing a scene in the cafe, when Billy Mayhew accused him of attempting to steal Eileen Grimshaw's money, Paul visited David in order to ask for a job at his salon. However, David's partner Shona Ramsey - the waitress at the cafe - considered Paul to be bad news and was relieved when David explained that there were no vacancies going at the salon.

David decided to get Paul in touch with the local vicar, Billy - much to Paul's horror due to their earlier argument. Billy reluctantly agreed to help, and persuaded Carla Connor to take Paul on at Underworld. However, when Gemma discovered that her brother was working nearby she tried to get him sacked by paying a visit to Carla and attempting to destroy some of the factory's stock in order to have Paul take the blame, although she was caught before she could succeed.

Billy was also taken aback when Paul came on to him and he realised he was gay. They arranged a date but Billy saw him with another man in the Rovers and realised that Paul was a philanderer and had no intentions of making a faithful commitment. Meanwhile, an aghast Gemma watched from the sidelines as her brother integrated himself with the residents who were all taken in by his charm.

In February 2019, Paul moved into 10a Coronation Street with Gemma and Rita Tanner.

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  • Paul was born ten minutes before Gemma.

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