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Paul James Connor was the older brother of Liam and Michelle Connor and the late husband of Carla Connor. He was the owner of Underworld from 2006 until his death in mid-2007 in a car crash.


Paul was born in 1969 to Barry and Helen Connor and had two siblings follow Liam and Michelle. In 1999, he married Carla Donovan. However unknown to Carla, Paul had began visiting prostitutes behind her back; a fact that would not be revealed until many years later.

In 2006, Paul was called up by his brother Liam concerning buying shares in Underworld from Adam Barlow. The brothers settled for buying a 40% share of the factory for £80,000. He used wife Carla's funds from her children's clothing business to make the purchase.

Paul helped to cover up the death of Polish factory worker Kasia Barowicz, claiming that she had died on the morning of a day shift when she was actually illegally working during the night.

While hiring a prostitute and meeting her at a hotel, he was shocked to discover she was Leanne Battersby, his brother's girlfriend. They both agreed to keep each other's secrets, but Paul was frustrated to see Leanne and Liam growing closer together, and tried to break them up by making Liam think Leanne was a gold digger, but Liam ignored his claims. Paul was uncomfortable when Leanne went into business with Carla, and her identity as a prostitute was revealed. Carla was angry to discover that Paul was her client and ended their marriage. Blaming Leanne, he locked her in the boot of his car and planned to reveal her secret to Liam. However while distracted, his car got hit by a lorry and crashed. Leanne survived, but Paul ended up in a coma and later died at Weatherfield General.

Other informationEdit

When Liam's wife Maria gave birth to a stillborn baby boy in 2008, they named him Paul Connor Jr. in memory of Paul.

Background informationEdit

  • Paul Connor was introduced as part of a new family brought in to Coronation Street, as the brother of Michelle Connor, who made a guest appearance three months prior. The character was brought in along with brother Liam, and nephew Ryan.
  • Actor Sean Gallagher quit the role of Paul in under a year - in fear of being typecast. The character made his last appearance in June 2007.

First and last linesEdit

"A serious business proposition yer said. I get 'ere, and yer chasing women." (First line, to brother Liam)


"Hey Leanne, don't you just hate speed bumps?!" (Final line)

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