Pat Stanaway was a regular customer of taxi company Street Cars who switch-operator Eileen Grimshaw enjoyed "flirtatious" telephone conversations with in June 2007. A couple of weeks after their conversations began, Pat turned up unannounced at the cab office (much to the chagrin of Jerry Morton, who was also vying for Eileen's affections at the time). After being introduced by Lloyd Mullaney, Pat presented Eileen with a single red rose and claimed that he wanted to put a face to the voice.

Eileen was instantly taken with the smooth-talking Irishman's charms and the pair started going out on dates together. However, when Pat called into the Rovers one lunchtime, he was instantly recognised by Street Cars driver Jamie Baldwin who was certain that the customer was married. Jamie informed Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney that on occasions he had picked Pat up on his own and on other occasions, he'd been in the company of a female. Not wanting Eileen to get hurt, and to see if there was any truth in Jamie's story, Steve and Lloyd parked up outside Pat's house and a short time later, were shocked to see Pat arrive at the house with a woman answering the door to him - who he playfully slapped on the backside.

Deciding that the loser of a coin flip would break the news to Eileen, it was Steve who had the unpleasant task, but he was taken aback when a seemingly non-plussed Eileen admitted that she already knew Pat was a married man. However, the situation weighed heavily on Eileen's mind and that evening, she told Pat that she wasn't cut out for an affair. However she relented and fell for his charms once more - and the pair spent the night together at No.11. Despite being up against criticism by Steve and Eileen's son Jason, the pair went away for a weekend in Scarborough.

Shortly after their return, and with Eileen back at work, Pat left his mobile phone behind in the cab office. Eileen was taken aback by the number of text messages that came through and, after being egged-on by Steve and Lloyd, curiosity got the better of her and she began reading through his texts. It became apparent that Eileen was just one in a long list of women that Pat was seeing. When Pat came back to retreive his phone, he was confronted by an enraged Eileen. Pat seemingly showing some sign of remorse, explained that he wasn't in fact married, but told her that life on the road was lonely and promised that he'd give up all the other women for her. Finally realising that she'd been well and truly used, Eileen punched him in the face. With the blow strong enough to knock him to the floor, Eileen ordered him out of the cab office and told him to take his mobile phone with him.

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