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Patrick James "Pat" Phelan was a morally bankrupt Scouse builder who died in 2018 after a lifetime of deceit, intimidation, rape, and murder.

In 2013, he went into business with Owen Armstrong, later fleecing Owen out of his share and blackmailing Owen's partner Anna Windass into having sex with him, in order to protect her son Gary after he assaulted and nearly killed Phelan. Anna continued to harbour a grudge against him when he began working for Jason Grimshaw in 2016, so much so that Phelan got her out of the way by framing her for Seb Franklin's ladder accident.

Phelan got together with Jason's mother Eileen and later ran Jason's Construction after Jason moved to Thailand. His grand plan was to sell a load of bogus flats in Calcutta Street, but when his partner Vinny Ashford ran off with the money, Phelan was forced to stay put, marrying Eileen in 2017. The remainder of his life was an constant battle to keep his crimes under wraps; he watched Michael Rodwell die from a heart attack after rumbling the flats scam, before murdering Andy Carver, Luke Britton for knowing too much, and finally Vinny Ashford as payback for robbing him.

The one bright spot throughout these events was Phelan getting close to his daughter Nicola Rubinstein, conceived when he slept with and possibly raped her mother Annabel. As his crimes came to light, both Nicola and Eileen turned against him and Phelan went into hiding after falling to his apparent death in the icy cold sea. He returned for a final showdown with Anna, finally getting his comeuppance when she stabbed him in the chest.


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1963-2013: Early years

Pat Phelan was born on 30th October 1963 in Liverpool.

He became involved in an affair with - or possibly raped, depending on whose account is to be believed - Annabel Rubinstein just prior to 1990 even though she was married to Isaac Rubinstein and already had a child. Regardless, Phelan appeared to be smitten with her and sent love letters and poems. Annabel and Isaac fled Liverpool in early 1990 and unknown to Phelan at the time she was pregnant to his child. Later that year she gave birth to a girl named Nicola, who would grow up believing Isaac was her biological father.

At some point later Phelan began residing in Weatherfield and married a woman named Valerie, and began making a living as a dodgy builder.

2013-2014: Feud with the Armstrong/Windass clan

2013: Phelan's refusal to pay for a job Owen did kicks off a feud between the two men

Pat Phelan was a client of Owen Armstrong and temporarily became his business partner. When he refused to pay Owen for a job, Owen soon discovered that Pat was bankrupt. Owen then attempted to get the money out of Pat's wife Valerie, however, she refused to pay. Owen and Gary Windass broke into Pat's home, stole his motorbike and locked it away at the builder's yard. Pat eventually decided to pay up what he owed and seemingly called it quits.

A few days before Christmas, Pat turned up at 6 Coronation Street in order to put forward a business proposition to Owen, offering him a flat-conversion contract and wanting Owen to front the project as he was bankrupt. Owen's partner Anna Windass wasn't pleased and didn't want Owen to agree. However, a couple of weeks later, Phelan and Owen met up to discuss the deal with Phelan telling Owen that he needed £80,000 upfront for the costs but guaranteed that he would make over £200,000 in profits. Owen decided to talk the arrangement over with Anna with Phelan stating that he would give Owen twenty-four hours to think things over. Despite family reservations, the business partnership was agreed.

When Owen realised that Phelan didn't put his share into the account he tried in vain to contact Phelan and believed that Phelan may have scammed them. Pat later turned up at the builder's yard and revealed that the money was already in the account, much to Owen's embarrassment. Anna then went round to Pat's house to apologise for having a go at him, but later felt uneasy in his presence and left. During numerous encounters with Pat and his wife, Anna felt increasingly awkward, especially on one occasion when Pat had stroked her across the back and kept complimenting her appearance.

2014: Phelan and Gary fight, which ends with near deadly consequences for Phelan

Anna decided to settle the score and invited Phelan round to No.6 to tell him to back off. However, Phelan, seemingly oblivious to her demands, began to accuse her of trying to come onto him. He appeared to try and make a move on her but soon left leaving Anna worried. That night, she backed out of another meeting with Phelan and Valerie at Nick's Bistro, feigning illness. When Gary found out about Phelan's inappropriate advances towards his mother, he approached Pat at the building site after all the other staff working on the project had left and began to question him about what went on. Pat then began goading Gary, accused Anna of being a tart and going on further to call her names - which provoked him into punching Phelan. The pair then engaged in a physical fight, with Phelan gaining the upper hand until Gary struck him over the head with a plank of wood, knocking him unconscious.

Believing that he had killed Pat, Gary summoned Owen to the site but they quickly discovered there was no sign of him.

Phelan turned up again a few days later, proving that he was alive and well. At the building site the following day, he took Gary and Owen into the site office and revealed the CCTV footage which showed Gary attacking him. Phelan assured both Gary and Owen that he had further copies, and then demanded that they either completed the work for a minimum wage gleaning no profit or he would hand the CCTV footage to the police. Owen complied to Phelan's orders despite Gary's reluctance, as Owen didn't want his grandson Jake to grow up without a father figure if Gary were to be sent to prison.

Phelan delighted in overworking Owen and Gary, who began to take their frustrations out on their family. Gary, deciding to get a measure of revenge on Phelan and to try and make a bit of money back, stole a shipment of tiles from him. However, Phelan found out it was Gary due to his poor attempt to cover his tracks and told Owen that, in exchange for him not going to the police, he had to agree to forfeit the £80,000 he invested in the job. Owen was outraged but felt he had no choice to agree. Phelan then twisted the knife by arranging for Owen to be removed from the council's list of approved builders, effectively blacklisting him which meant he could no longer get any independent work.

2014: Phelan blackmails Anna into sleeping with him in exchange of relieving both Gary and Owen from their contracts and ending their torment

Anna visited Phelan after realising what strain his actions were causing to her family, and he gave her proposition: to have sex with him and he would let Gary and Owen go from the project. Although disgusted, Anna went along with Phelan's plans out of desperation and met him at the Dunford Hall Hotel where the pair slept together. After spending some time with him, a dirty and angry Anna left after Phelan laughed and teased her. The next day he told Owen and Gary to go home and got Owen to sign a form releasing him from the project. However, he refused to pay back Owen's investment, leaving him with a loan he was going to struggle to pay back.

In June, Phelan sent the Windasses a postcard from Dubai in an attempt to rub his glory in further. Around this time, Anna admitted to Owen that she had slept with Pat in order for him to leave the Windass family alone. The revelation drove the couple apart as Owen was disgusted by her behaviour. However, things didn't work out for Phelan either as Valerie had finally seen him for what he really was and divorced him. As he was bankrupt and she had all the money and assets in her name, he was left with nothing.

2016: Return and relationship with Eileen Grimshaw

Phelan had returned to Weatherfield by January 2016, working as a labourer on the conversion project for Kevin Webster's new garage. Having witnessed the getaway from the bungled robbery at Nick's Bistro, Phelan stood in front of the car but Kevin, realising that the vehicle wasn't going to stop, pulled him to safety. As a concerned Anna went to check on Kevin, she was stunned to see Phelan.

As Phelan resumed his reign of terror upon Anna, he secretly established a coup against Owen's former partner Jason Grimshaw, sabotaging his business and further damaging his reputation to drive the lad into leaving Weatherfield, even though Jason never suspected Phelan of staging the events throughout the time. Phelan soon contacted his long-time friend Vinny Ashford and invited him over to participate in his nefarious activities. Together, the duo formed a scam project at the time Phelan began a relationship with Eileen Grimshaw. After Eileen's son Todd discovered the deception, he also went along with the scam.

2016: Phelan refuses to get Michael help following his heart attack, subsequently leading to his death

Eileen's ex-partner, Michael Rodwell, attempted to bring him down permanently. Michael broke into Phelan's office and discovered fake passports, but when Phelan arrived unexpectedly and noticed he was there; Michael threw a chair at him in desperation and ran out of the office in fear. Outside, as Michael collapsed from a heart attack, Phelan looked on as Michael lay dying instead of calling for an ambulance and taunted him in the process, even telling a sadistic story of how Phelan had shot and injured an animal in its youth, but unable to kill it he watched it suffer and die. He then walked away from the scene, leaving Michael to succumb to his heart attack.

Todd found Michael dead the following morning and Vinny double-crossed Phelan and ran away with the money. Phelan contemplated fleeing the country, however as he was low on cash and unable to start a new life, he returned home and claimed to Eileen and the residents that he was also a victim of Vinny's scams, and promised everyone that he would work hard to pay them back. Eileen was disgusted with Phelan for losing Jason's money and contemplated ending their relationship, however she forgave Phelan and they got back together, and the wedding was still on.

2017-2018: Andy Carver, attempt at reform and turning killer

2017: Phelan seemingly makes Andy Carver his second victim

In December 2016, Andy Carver - who had a father-son relationship with Michael even though the pair were not related - had grown aware of his father figure's rivalry with Phelan and correctly suspected the latter of causing his death. Phelan's continual clash with Kevin further convinced Andy of the truth and later attacked him in revenge. Though Phelan was knocked unconscious, he recovered in hospital and told Andy of his awareness about what really happened. Consequently, Phelan blackmailed Andy under the threat of reporting him to the police and having him charged with attempted murder. Firstly, Andy was ordered to steal the new iPads that Nick had bought for the bistro, where Andy worked.

When Anna had fallen downstairs on New Year's Eve, Kevin's six-year-old son, Jack, ran off to get help and Phelan offered to help. He had to kick the door in to rescue Anna. After fixing the door, Phelan stole the receipt for Kevin's new pick-up truck. A few days later, Phelan called the retailer and changed the delivery address for the new truck. Andy was ordered to sell it. Andy and his girlfriend, Steph Britton, had planned to move to Portugal. A couple of days before they left, Phelan noticed that Kevin was filming him on CCTV and demanded that Andy set fire to the garage. Andy agreed. That night, Phelan poured vodka into Kevin's drink. Kevin went to sleep in a car at the garage. After Luke Britton and Tracy Barlow had sex the previous night, they also wanted CCTV footage deleted as it had been filming during the night. Afterwards, Andy poured petrol onto the floor, set fire to a bag and threw it down on the ground. Andy made off with Kevin's laptop containing the CCTV footage.

On Phelan's wedding day, Phelan noticed Andy with the laptop with the footage playing. Phelan's last demand was to break the laptop. Andy hit him with it and Phelan pretended to be unconscious. He was able to grab Andy, who fought back, taking the struggle to the floor, Phelan gained the upper hand and grabbed Kevin's laptop and hit Andy with it. Phelan texted Steph using Andy's phone, leading her to believe that Andy had broken up with her and left for Bristol. Phelan then rushed to his wedding, where he married Eileen. Phelan later returned to 19a Victoria Street and attempted to clean the blood stains from the carpet with a wide assortment of cleaning products. With no progress being made, Phelan flooded the flat by breaking open the radiator.

Phelan had been gathering documents about Nicola Rubinstein who had been made Seb Franklin's case manager after he was granted parole from the youth detention centre for assault. When she found out about this she reacted badly, claiming that the builder was stalking her. Phelan claimed that he had known her parents and while trying to prove his innocence, said that if he met up with them, he would be able to prove he had no bad intentions. Nicola told him to go to a bench by the lake at Greenfield Park. When Phelan got to the park, he noticed that the bench had been engraved with a plaque dedicated to the memory of her deceased parents. He revealed that he thought he might be her father. Nicola was unhappy to discover that her mother had ended the affair nine months before she was born and told Phelan that she'd rather not know whether or not he was her father.

When Eileen saw how much Nicola was affecting her husband, she decided to interfere by showing her a picture of Phelan dancing with Annabel Rubinstein. Annoyed by the thought of their affair, Nicola told Eileen to leave her alone and that if she or Phelan contacted her again, she would phone the police.

After finding out about Phelan and Nicola, Seb decided to try and get his case manager to talk to his boss again by telling Nicola that he had lost his job because Phelan was dying. Although she found out Seb was lying, Nicola decided to go to 11 Coronation Street and give Eileen a DNA test for Phelan to take. Two weeks later, she returned with the results and announced to Phelan that she was his daughter.

2017: Phelan secretly holding Andy captive in a cellar

By August of the same year, Phelan's spare time was taken up by frequently visiting an old, derelict property he was supposedly "working on" with plastic bags containing food and drink and using them to care for a chained-up Andy Carver. For at least seven months, Phelan had been holding Andy captive in the basement. After Andy attempted to strangle Phelan to death with a cord from a mattress, Phelan threatened to kill Andy, before taking the mattress and setting it alight.

Phelan became worried when Daniel Osbourne began an investigation into the Calcutta Street property scam and went to interview Vinny's mother, who had dementia and lived in a care home. Phelan then threatened to hurt Daniel and used her to coax "Vinny" into returning. It emerged that the man who Phelan knew as "Vinny Ashford" was in fact really called Harvey McArdle. When Vinny obliged, Phelan knocked him unconscious, kidnapped him and chained him up in the basement with Andy. Phelan ordered Andy to kill Vinny with a gun he provided in exchange for his freedom. On the same day, Nicola learned from a family friend that her birth was the result of a sexual assault and not an affair as Phelan had claimed. After Nicola ordered Phelan to stay away from her, he reached a sinister turning point and once Andy had killed Vinny, Phelan turned the gun on Andy and shot him dead.

Prior to this, however, Phelan was summoned to the bench by Nicola when she learned from Anna about what he did to her back in 2014. As such, Nicola used this information to question the truth about her father from her mother's neighbour Lydia Hartman, who revealed that Phelan had previously raped her mother Annabel just nine months before she herself was conceived. Confronted by his daughter, Phelan unsuccessfully attempts to assuage Nicola's suspicions over the matter and was subsequently disowned when she branded him evil.

Realizing that Anna told Nicola the truth about him, Phelan spitefully plotted to frame her for pushing Seb off the ladder; he had recently fell off the ladder during one of his window cleaning shifts. This worked successfully after Phelan planted evidence that incriminated Anna for the crime, and then manipulated Seb into having her arrested later on. Anna was subsequently charged and then due for court early in 2018. Around the time before Christmas, Anna managed to escape from prison and secretly reunited with her daughter Faye, who had only just learned the truth about Phelan as well. However, after catching Anna out following her unintentional attack on Eileen in his office, Phelan called the police on her and Anna was consequently rearrested. When Phelan visited her under the promise of further revenge, Anna lost it and slapped Phelan before getting restrained, prompting him to have her charged for assault as well. On the day of her trial, Phelan testified against Anna and, thanks to Eileen's corporation, she was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison.

2018: Phelan claims Luke Britton as his fourth victim in order to prevent him uncovering the truth on what happened to Andy

By then, Phelan's achievements in overcoming his situations were causing more issues for himself. In January 2018, when Andy's friend Luke Britton gradually began to enquire about Andy's "disappearance", with inevitably a confrontation with Phelan that ended with the pair attacking each other before both the pair engaged in a dramatic car chase, culminating with Phelan eventually crashing Luke's car before shooting him in the chest. Reversing behind Luke's totalled car, Phelan indirectly confessed to killing Andy before telling Luke to "say hello" to him as he fired two bullets at the petrol tank of his car, causing an explosion which both destroyed the vehicle and killed Luke in the process.

By the time Luke's death had become public knowledge, Seb grew increasingly suspicious towards Phelan as the latter had earlier showed Seb the gun during one of their drinking sessions; Phelan had recently planned to frame Seb for Andy's murder, but Luke's inference thanks to Seb telling him where Phelan was had ultimately led to the events of his murder. When being confronted over his anxiety, Seb concluded that Phelan killed Luke and hurriedly left the house as he feared his life would be in danger.

On the day of Anna's conviction, Phelan was surprised when Nicola returned before him and asked for his forgiveness. He accepted her apology and the pair seemingly renewed their relationship by the time Pat had received a building site job from his boss Mona Beattie. His suspicions were aroused when Nicola requested her father to reluctantly hire Gary so that he could provide for both her and their impending baby, Pat's soon-to-be grandchild. However, by mid-February, his suspicions were confirmed when he infiltrated her flat to find Seb there; he had taken refugee at Nicola's once Anna was found guilty, and she had since been conspiring with Seb and Gary against her father upon learning about Luke and Anna. Outraged at his daughter's betrayal, Phelan confronted her on the day she collapsed and was rushed to hospital. Unable to persuade Nicola in changing her beliefs about him, he tearfully threw out his daughter and disowned her before explaining the situation to Eileen, who Phelan then declared was the only person left he was capable of trusting, and even retorted that Nicola could "go to hell" along with Gary and Seb.

2018: Falling off the tops and death

In March, Pat heard that the Legacy Reach Paper Mill, where the bodies were hidden, was being renovated, and the millpond where they were submerged was to be drained. Phelan took a job at the site and on the day the water was being drained, after the other employees had gone home for the night, Phelan moved the bodies and dumped them in the foundations, filling them with concrete but ended up falling in himself, trying to retrieve his mobile phone. Eileen had been trying to call him as he was late for his own party, and the guests were getting bored waiting. Tim Metcalfe and Eileen arrived just in time to save him from the setting concrete. Due to this, Phelan admitted to his role in the Calcutta Street development scam to Tim and Eileen, who was listening on the cab radio. Tim demanded that Phelan leave Weatherfield when Eileen couldn't bring herself to report him to the police. Phelan initially planned on sabotaging Tim's efforts, but it was then that he discovered that the bodies were now on the verge of being discovered. Realising that it was too risky to relocate them once more, Phelan planned to flee the country by organising a trip with Eileen under the guise of staying at a coastal cottage. Despite her reluctance, Eileen agreed with Phelan's plan and the pair left.

As Eileen settled into her "week's holiday trip" at the cottage, Phelan was notified that the bodies had been found and he instantly packed a bag along with a passport. Eileen began to grow sceptical of Phelan when he told her that she was "crowding him", leading to a furious row between the pair that ended with Eileen cutting herself. Phelan comforted her and left to call an ambulance. As he was doing this however, Eileen received a voicemail from Tim, who, upon learning of the discovery of the bodies following the arrest of Gary and Seb, desperately warned Eileen about her husband's capability. Eileen, who was now afraid of the situation that Phelan had put her in, tried to call Tim back after telling Phelan that she needed some space. When she managed to get through to Tim however, Eileen noticed Phelan watching her the whole time. Knowing that the game was up at last, Phelan quickly grabbed Eileen's phone and tossed it into the sea before accusing her of betraying him. Eileen loudly berated back at him, demanding to know what he'd done.

Phelan then started to enumerate his crimes: confessing to causing Michael's death, kidnapping Andy and then killing him after coercing him to execute Vinny - who Phelan claimed had intended to kill Eileen and Todd in the course of the Calcutta Street scenario. This caused Eileen to conclude that Phelan had indeed killed Luke as Seb had previously claimed, and that he himself raped Anna before framing her for committing GBH. After branding Phelan a "murderer" and a "rapist", Eileen withheld his getaway keys as he angrily demanded her hand them over to him. When Eileen continued berating her husband whilst rejecting his demands, Phelan snapped and lunged at Eileen, only to break the railing on the edge and fall toward the sea, though he managed to survive by clinging onto a rope. As Phelan desperately tried to get back up to the surface, he tried to persuade Eileen to save him by claiming he knew where Todd was. Eileen angrily stamped on his hands whilst branding him a liar. Eventually, Phelan lost his grip and fell into the sea below.

Phelan survived the fall and managed to make his way to a B&B, where he had checked in under the name, "Alan Frost"; an alias he'd created two years previously. Back home, he was presumed dead and Eileen was left to take the rap for his crimes, as she was suspected as being an accomplice, though she was eventually let off the hook. After learning that Eileen, Nicola and other residents of Weatherfield called for Anna Windass to be released from prison - a campaign started by Daniel - Phelan checked out of the B&B and began plotting his revenge.

2018: After being temporally captured by Gary, thus being taken back to Weatherfield, Phelan escapes his captivity and in turn holds him and Sarah hostage

Phelan moved to a caravan park in Abergele, Wales, where he created an account called "Freya's mummy" on an online forum for pregnant mothers, so as he could keep in contact with an oblivious Nicola, and even went as far as offering her advice. However, this proved to be a vital error as a suspicious Gary Windass began to look into the mysterious contact and found out that it was Phelan. Gary and his army friend Joe Haslam tracked down Phelan's location and scouted him out for the next couple of days. Armed with a baseball bat, Gary entered Phelan's caravan and attempted to strike him with it, but Phelan overpowered Gary and came close to killing him with it, however, unfortunately for Phelan, Joe entered the caravan and hit Phelan from behind with a rock, which knocked him out cold. Phelan was kidnapped by the pair and brought back to Weatherfield, where he was tied up in a dark room at the builder's yard.

When Gary was torn on how to make Phelan suffer, Sarah begged him to go to the police instead. Phelan taunted Gary with remarks about Anna and their time back in the hotel room in which he forced her to have sex, which caused Gary to lose his cool once again and hit Phelan with a plank of wood. Gary gagged Phelan and Sarah continued to plead with him to phone the police. Whilst Gary's back was turned, Phelan managed to untie himself and hit Gary over the head with a chair. Phelan locked the Builder's Yard gate, and retrieved a pistol he'd hidden, then forced the pair of them back into the room where he held a gun to Sarah and ordered Gary to contact Nicola and tell her to come over; and to also bring his newborn grandson Zack with her. Sarah "called" Nicola, however in reality actually phoned Tim Metcalfe in hopes that the message would stir up some suspicion and that he would get help. When it became clear that Nicola wasn't coming, an angry Phelan discovered Sarah's deceit and came close to shooting her with the gun, however Gary begged him not to do so. Phelan refrained from killing the pair, instead he tied them up, switched on the radio so that nobody could hear their cries for help and locked the gate of the Builder's Yard. He then made his way to No.11 in order to confront Nicola himself, managing to stay undetected in the process.

A shocked Nicola answered the door to Phelan and he made his way in, and threatened her and Eileen at gunpoint. During the hostage situation, Phelan made cruel remarks towards Eileen about their marriage and claimed that she repulsed him, before ordering Nicola to let him get to Zack, because despite the fact she didn't view him as her father any more; it didn't change the fact he was blood related to him. However, Nicola was defiant against Phelan and was adamant to protect her baby, claiming that he would have to kill her first. Phelan contemplated doing so, even pointing the gun at Nicola which shocked Eileen. Seb - who was hiding upstairs - attacked Phelan from behind and a struggled ensued which resulted in Eileen being knocked unconscious to the floor, and Phelan discharging his gun; which resulted in Nicola being shot.

2018: Anna finally gets her revenge on Phelan by stabbing him in the chest, just seconds after hw shoots Michelle in an attempt to flee Weatherfield one last time

Phelan panicked and carried her to the bistro where Robert Preston and Michelle Connor's wedding was taking place, in order to force local GP Ali Neeson to help save Nicola's life, and he threatened Michelle's life in the process unless Ali complied. When police sirens rang out and the game was clearly up, Phelan took Michelle as a hostage and dragged her into the kitchen, however was shocked to come face to face with Anna, who was recently released from prison and returned to the street unannounced. When Michelle strived to get away from Phelan, he shot her but before he could deal with Anna she stabbed him with a knife, which finally brought Phelan down. As people rushed to assist a wounded Michelle, Phelan decided to taunt Anna one last time claiming that she would go back to prison for murder, and to ensure this would be the case; he pulled the knife out of his chest and allowed himself to bleed out. However, Anna stated that because of his siege her actions were technically self defence, and Michelle stated that she would give a statement backing up Anna's story, thus depriving Phelan of the final victory. As Phelan slowly bled to death, Anna - who had been on the receiving end of Phelan's torment for many years - stated that people like him always had what was coming to them. After listening to Anna telling him that she'd won at last, Phelan drew his last breath as he succumbed to his injuries and died. His body was subsequently taken away by a private ambulance, signalling the end of his four-year long reign of terror once and for all.


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Background information

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Promotional photo of Connor McIntyre as Pat Phelan

Connor McIntyre originally appeared in the role of Pat Phelan on a six-month basis from October 2013 to April 2014.

In November 2015, news was teased on the official Facebook and Twitter pages for Coronation Street about the return of a character who would have ties to Anna Windass, in which fans were to guess. Phelan was eventually unveiled as the soon to be returning character. His return aired in January 2016, where McIntyre was made a regular member of the cast.

In July 2016, it was teased that Phelan could become the show's next killer during a Corrie Press Event, in which producer Kate Oates didn't rule out the possibility of it occurring. Oates explained during the event: "What I'm interested in with Phelan is that very thing – the fact that he hasn't killed anybody. It means that depending on what happens to him – the pressures that he faces and the people that get in his way – it's a question of what he will be capable of doing. But I want to see that as a journey, because Phelan isn't a character who's killed anybody to our knowledge. If that kind of thing was to come his way, I'd want to see the pressures on the man that would bring about that change. [1]

Around the time of the announcement, it was revealed that Les Dennis had left the role of Michael Rodwell and would be bowing out of the show later in the year. Phelan would be involved in Michael's death which aired in November, when Phelan refused to get him help after he suffered a heart attack. The story tied with a property scam plot in which Phelan and his partner Vinny Ashford plotted to scam the residents.

Phelan became a suspect in a whodunnit storyline in which long-running character Ken Barlow (William Roache) was found unconscious having been pushed down a flight of stairs, with the other suspects being members of his family. Early in the storyline Phelan was cleared of any wrong doing.

The story in which Phelan murdered Vinny Ashford and Andy Carver received 662 complaints from viewers over "violent" scenes which they claimed were too "harrowing" to air. Corrie were later cleared by Ofcom.

Phelan's comeuppance was first teased as far back as June 2016 in an interview with McIntyre, although at the time he stated there would be much more to explore with the character before such a thing came to pass. In late 2017, viewers were promised that Phelan would meet his comeuppance at some point in the future. In January 2018, it was confirmed that Phelan would be leaving the show and would bow out in an "explosive stunt".

Prior to the character's exit in June 2018, there were two previous red herrings that year hinting at his possible downfall and demise. The first was a set of episodes in March 2018 (in episodes 9395 and 9396), in which the character became trapped in cement when attempting to move the bodies of Andy and Vinny, although Phelan was rescued before any serious harm could come to him.

The second red herring was in March 2018 for a week worth of episodes, in which Phelan confessed to Eileen about his crimes and was followed by him falling from a cliff edge and into the sea, which was depicted on Episode 9418 (30th March 2018). However two episodes later the character was revealed to be alive, and press photos of Connor McIntyre continuing to film were reported.

Phelan eventually departed the series in a week long of special episodes that aired at 9.00pm during the Britain's Got Talent Live Week, which took place during the course of a day. Debbie Rush also reprised her role of Phelan's nemesis Anna Windass (a fact which was kept a secret until the episodes aired), in which she killed Phelan during his gun siege at the bistro. The character made his final appearance in Episode 9471 on 1st June 2018.

First and last lines

"Well... Owen!" (First line)


"You wouldn't risk getting locked up, lying for her." (Final line, to Michelle Connor)


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List of addresses

Address Duration
Unknown address until 2014
Dubai Around May or June 2014 to late 2015
Unknown address Around 2015 to April 2016
11 Coronation Street April 2016 to 30th March 2018
Bed & Breakfast 2nd April to 19th April 2018
Caravan Park in Abergele, Wales April 2018 to 28th May 2018

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