Pat Marshall was a short-term girlfriend of Eddie Yeats. A single mother with a nine-year old son, she hadn’t seen his father for some years and lived with her own dad and her brother George. With a streak of green in her slightly-punk hair, she was streets away from Eddie’s previous girlfriend Lorna Ferguson but like Lorna, he used Hilda Ogden's overnight absence from 13 Coronation Street to entertain his lady friend.

Pat, for reasons known only to herself, seemed to be taken with Stan, giving him a kiss, sitting on his lap and telling him that she loved chubby men. Eddie managed to get rid of him for several hours until he came back slightly drunk and staggered upstairs however worse was to come: Hilda returned at 1.00am having been given a lift back from Chesterfield where she was visiting son Trevor. She took an instant dislike to Pat on sight and threw her out. Stan heard her going and came downstairs assuming Pat had gone to fetch a pal for him - and not realising that Hilda was in the kitchen hearing every word he gleefully uttered to Eddie.

Stan suffered a night of hell on his eardrums and the next day Eddie apologised to Hilda. She, as always, had resigned herself to Stan’s ways and gave Eddie permission to bring Pat round again. To Eddie’s amazement, the two women got on like a house on fire, chatting about their love of nature programmes and philosophising about why women bothered making an effort for men. As the two chatted on and on, Eddie had another ruined night.

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