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Pablo Duarte was the second husband of Maria Connor, the pair married in 2016 in Cyprus.

While staying in Cyprus helping her mother Dot convalesce after breaking her hip, Maria met Argentinian Pablo at the local hairdressing salon and they ended up marrying - not because of their love for each other but instead so Pablo could hide the fact he was gay. In April, the couple flew into England on separate flights so when Maria arrived at Manchester Airport, Pablo would not be spotted with her by her true love, Luke Britton. Shortly after their arrival they met up at Cafe Bianco in town for lunch. Luke went after Maria, eager to give her a bouquet of flowers, but was heartbroken to see her having a good time in another man's company. Luke kicked off at Maria, but despite her explanation as why she'd married Pablo, Luke stormed out of the establishment. Later in Nick's Bistro, Maria tried to explain to Luke yet again but instead this time Pablo kicked off at Luke calling him a "Drama Queen" and then stormed out.

Two days later Pablo met with Maria and Luke one final time to tell them he was moving to London. Despite Pablo's departure Luke still felt unsure about dating a married woman. Later on Maria publicly embarrassed herself to prove her true love for him.

In September, Pablo's solicitor advised him that in order for him to stay in the UK, she had to see Pablo and Maria together. Maria rushed to London soon after receiving word of Pablo's situation.

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