1991: Deirdre Barlow settles into the "executive suite"

PJ Promotions was a PR operator established by its namesake Phil Jennings in 1991. A subsidiary of Phil's leisure group PJ Leisure, PJ Promotions's mission was to help local firms boost their public profile. The headquarters of PJ Promotions was the factory unit at 14 Coronation Street, recently purchased by Phil as a repair and storage facility for his arcade machines.

Phil came up with PJ Promotions in order to create a job for his girlfriend Deirdre Barlow after she lost a council election to Alf Roberts, as she'd previously spurned his offer of becoming his "personal assistant", insisting on a proper role. As a sweetener, Phil gave Deirdre a 50% share of the new business and an office to work in. Phil gave Deirdre only a vague notion of what her job entailed, leaving her with little to do except handle the occasional phone call from someone looking for Phil - and Deirdre was under orders to be selective with information about his whereabouts.

Despite his flashy lifestyle, Phil was heavily in debt and often went weeks without paying his employees. In July 1991, Phil fled the country with his wife Valerie. Without Phil and his cash, PJ Promotions - and likely PJ Leisure itself - was finished as a business after less than two months.

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