In February 2016, along with colleague, PC Daullah, PC Saunders investigated a complaint from Leanne Tilsley that her stepson Simon Barlow had been committing violent attacks. Most of these had been directed at her but the final straw had been when he broke the leg of an opposing player in a schoolboy's match in what was deemed to be a suspicious tackle. Leanne went to Weatherfield Police Station where, with heavy heart, she gave the two officers a history of his outbursts. They duly called at 18a Victoria Street and took the scared and protesting lad away. Ken Barlow sat in with Simon, who was read his rights, while a guilty Leanne waited in reception with Simon's friend and mentor Zeedan Nazir. The officers were sympathetic to Simon who broke down under questioning, admitting that sometimes he couldn't help his actions and went on to demonstrate his lack of control when he had an outburst of anger in the interview room. He was released pending further investigations but the matter was dropped when mobile footage was produced of the tackle showing that it was a valid one and there were no grounds for any complaint from that quarter.

In October of the same year, Saunders and a colleague called on David Platt after a complaint had been levelled against him by Lauren, a schoolgirl who had been ruthlessly bullying his niece Bethany Platt for months. David had lured Lauren into Audrey's for a free haircut and lopped off a very generous chunk of her hair for her pains while he kept the door to the premises locked. David kept his cool and said that he had tried to persuade Lauren not to have such a drastic change for her booked appointment but once the die had been cast she had then grown hysterical at what she had agreed to. A passing Gemma Winter backed up David's lies and said that she was willing to give a statement to the effect. David said the same, while expressing convincing indignation that he hadn't been paid for his work. Saunders issued David with a caution for affray and false imprisonment.

The following March he stopped Tracy Barlow in the street, saying that he needed a word with her. Tracy thought it was connected with the recent assault on her father Ken which had resulted in him being hospitalised but Saunders told her it was a different matter. When Tracy returned home, she kept her family in the dark about the encounter.

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