When Janice Battersby began a relationship with policeman Mick Hopwood in December 2002, her separated husband Les Battersby was angry and jealous as he was continuously hoping for a reconciliation with her. At every opportunity, he goaded the couple and while Janice was able to shrug off his insults, Mick's skin wasn't so thick and Les's jibes started to get to him. Out on traffic patrol with fellow copper Emma Watts one day, they stopped Les when he drove through a red light in his Street Cars taxi. Les immediately complained of victimisation and when he stated that Janice had been with so many men that he was surprised that Mick hadn't caught something, the policemen set about viciously assaulting him. Emma was stunned by Mick's actions but he quickly circumvented her by claiming Les started the altercation and quickly read Les his rights i.e. formally arresting him, before Emma could stop him. Back-up was called and PC Rossington was part of the team who came in a van to take Les away. Les tried to complain to him that his ribs were broken but Mick told Rossington that Les's potential injuries were caused by him falling and pulling Mick on top of him. In front of Rossington, Les begged Emma to tell the truth but, with great reluctance, she backed up Mick's story and asked if her policeman colleague wanted to go to hospital for a check-up. Les was duly taken away, still protesting. Rossington later took Les to the hospital where it was confirmed that he had cracked ribs and some bruising and then brought him back to Weatherfield Police Station where he was put in the cells.

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