PC Glaister was involved in the lives of the residents of Coronation Street on three occasions:

In January 2003, he and colleague PC Lathom were called to 4 Coronation Street where Ashley Peacock had just discovered the dead body of his wife Maxine and the badly injured form of babysitter Emily Bishop, both victims of Richard Hillman. The policemen quickly spotted the break-in at the back door, staged by Richard to make it appear that local tearaway Aidan Critchley was responsible and, as a matter of procedure, made arrangements for Ashley to be taken away for questioning.

In December of the same year, PC Glaister was on duty at Weatherfield Police Station when Ciaran McCarthy spent the night in the cells after deliberately picking with a fight with Dev Alahan while on his stag night, hoping to be held long enough to avoid getting married to Sunita Parekh as he had got cold feet but couldn’t bring himself to tell his bride-to-be. Glaister took away his breakfast things and later broke the “good” news that Dev wasn’t pressing charges and he was free to go - in plenty of time for the ceremony, which didn’t go ahead, as both parties realised it wasn’t to be.

Dev himself fell for Sunita and ditched his girlfriend, Maya Sharma for her. Maya was unhinged and began exacting a terrible revenge against the pair, first of all trying to set Sunita up on a charge of bigamy and then, when that was unsuccessful, torching in one night in November 2004 almost all of Dev’s shops. She held Dev and Sunita bound and gagged in the Corner Shop flat and PC Glaister called there to try and find out where Dev was. Maya pretended not to know and assured him there was no need to wait outside the premises to make sure that all was fine. He insisted though, which probably saved the lives of the captives as the morning came round and enough residents were up and awake to see the Corner Shop starting to go up in flames once Glaister had left and therefore they were able to save the lives of the two people inside the rapidly growing inferno.

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