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PC Fox and her colleague turned up at 13 Coronation Street in June 2015 to question Kevin Webster when his girlfriend Jenny Bradley kidnapped his son Jack. The police had put an all-points warning to prevent the pair leaving the country but they revealed that Jenny's son Tom Midgeley had died after drowning in a paddling pool in April 2013, although the incident had been ruled to be an accidental death at the inquest. They stressed that this meant that Jack wasn't in danger and promised to be in touch when there was any further news. In the event, Jenny herself gave her location in Hull away when she rang Rita Tanner in a distressed state and the boy was rescued.

In October 2016, now promoted out of uniform, she and a colleague called at 8 Coronation Street to interview David Platt. A car driven at high speed by him had crashed, hitting his own daughter Lily and her rescuer Gary Windass. David had been trying to get to the Weatherfield Crown Court in an attempt to kill Clayton Hibbs who had knifed his wife, Kylie, to death. The residents lifted the vehicle off the two but leaked petrol ignited, badly burning Anna Windass. David himself was at court when the officer called, attending to hear the verdict against Clayton.

PC Fox and a male colleague were back at No.13 in March 2017 as they came looking for Seb Franklin. His girlfriend Faye Windass, had already seen that he didn't seem his usual self, but he told her that he'd had a bad day at work. In reality, he had beaten up Faye's ex-boyfriend Jackson Hodge in the street earlier that day and warned him to keep himself (and the couple's daughter Miley) away from Faye. When the officers arrived, Seb ran out of the back door and through the ginnel but was detained in Viaduct Street and duly arrested on suspicion of assault with Jackson and Craig Tinker - who had also witnessed the attack - watching on.

In November 2017 PC Fox listened as Adam Barlow read a statement to her at the police station on behalf of his client Billy Mayhew who denied being involved in an armed robbery in 2001 which involved a car which was later found to be burnt out. The cold case had been revived when Billy lost his temper and assaulted Peter Barlow after his son Simon had supplied a cigarette to his foster daughter Summer Spellman which, unbeknownst to them, contained spice. Taking his fingerprints as a standard procedure, the police matched them with those found on the car from sixteen years previously before Billy had found his religion and turned away from a life of crime. On legal advice, Billy said little beyond the statement which a disbelieving Fox asked him verbally to confirm.

In July 2018, Johnny Connor had kidnapped his baby granddaughter Susie Price her from her mother Eva Price after the suicide of that baby's father and Johnny's son, Aidan, had temporarily unbalanced him in his grief. When the crime was discovered PC Fox called at the Rovers and took descriptions of the baby, her clothes and any toys that she had with her, promising to get every available officer out on the search, together with all the ports and airports alerted as a precaution, all the other forces alerted and a watch kept for when he used his bank account or phone. PC Fox realised that there had been no sign of a break-in at the pub and it was realised that Johnny had obtained the keys from barmaid Liz McDonald who he had been turning to in his troubles, rather than his wife Jenny. Helped by Fox, Eva made a tearful plea for her baby's return to the media at a press conference.

The next day, DC Lomas, now assigned to the case, called with Fox to report to Eva that they had had a sighting of Johnny buying formula milk at a chemists several miles away. In the meantime, Johnny had contacted Liz and he revealed that he was in a Manchester hotel room. She reported his whereabouts to the police and Susie was recovered though Johnny fled and was found unconscious near the Weatherfield Canal. Taken to Weatherfield General, PC Fox refused to allow Jenny to see him until Johnny had been questioned.

In January 2020, PC Fox investigated an arson attack on 5 Coronation Street by a vigilante against paedophile Kel Hinchley who had been living at the house with his partner, Bernie Winter, who had revealed his crimes on social media once she had discovered them. Petrol had been poured through the letterbox, endangering the lives of Gemma Winter and her four quads within. They were cleared at the hospital and PC Fox told the family there would a marked police car outside the house twenty-four hours a day and they would be issuing a media appeal, during which they would say it was a case of mistaken identity in the hope of preventing a repeat occurrence.

The character was credited as "Police Officer" in her first three appearances.

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