PC Edmondson was part of the police team who investigated when Hope Stape ran way from home in January 2020. Without anyone realising who she really was, her half-sister Jade Rowan, the daughter of the late John Stape, had come into her life and had been carrying out an insidious campaign to wrest custody of Hope from her mother Fiz. Her motives and actions had come to light, but by that stage the child herself had become obsessed with her new grown-up friend and she ran away in the middle of the night to be with Jade. PC Edmondson accompanied by PC Windsor visited Jade’s home to try and find the girl as they had found a phone supplied by her to Hope with numerous messages promising to take her away. Jade was genuinely astonished to hear the news of the disappearance but blamed Fiz, being firmly told by Windsor that Fiz had been cleared of any allegations of physical abuse of Hope, allegations that Jade had manufactured. He searched the downstairs while PC Edmondson searched upstairs where Jade was frantic that she would look in the loft where she had secreted clothes, passports and one-way tickets to France but the officer failed to locate the stash. Jade later discovered the girl in North Cross Cemetery near the grave of her father and returned her home.

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