PC Cotter and her colleague were called to the house of Richie and Julia O'Driscoll in March 2016 when numerous allegations were made by the people within in the house. Arriving there, they found vicar Billy Mayhew with a bloodied nose, an unkempt Polish girl Marta Zarek and Eva Price and Aidan Connor as well as the house's legal occupants.

Billy and Eva made the complaint that the O'Driscolls had been keeping Marta in the house locked up as a domestic slave under threat of duress and they were rescuing her. The O'Driscolls complained that Eva and Billy had broken into the house and that Aidan had assaulted Richie. Aidan alleged that Richie had been assaulting Eva and that was the reason he had punched Richie.

Losing patience with the counter-arguments, the officer arrested five of those present: Eva and Billy for criminal damage, the O'Driscolls for offences under section 1 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and Aidan for assault.

All were taken to Weatherfield Police Station where ultimately it was Marta's story that was believed. The O'Driscolls were charged while the others were let go.

In October 2016 she was a member of the emergency services who rushed to Rosamund Street where a car driven at high speed by David Platt had crashed, hitting his own daughter Lily and her rescuer Gary Windass. David had been trying to get to the Weatherfield Crown Court in an attempt to kill Clayton Hibbs who had knifed his wife, Kylie, to death. The residents lifted the vehicle off the two but leaked petrol ignited, badly burning Anna Windass. PC Cotter and a colleague questioned David at the scene but his family, who had known of and tried to prevent his plans, covered for him, claiming his speed wasn't excessive and it was just an accident. Cotter's face plainly showed that he had suspicions but she had very little to proceed with though she advised him that he would have to give them a full statement later on.

The character was named on her second appearance.
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