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PC Carey along with an unnamed male colleague called at Street Cars in June 2006 to make enquiries with regard to a hit and run incident whereby a pedestrian had been killed on 31st May. Taxi driver Ronnie Clayton had been caught by a speed camera on the night in question, but had persuaded boyfriend and Street Cars owner Steve McDonald to take the penalty for her as she had already accumulated nine points on her licence. The officers impounded Ronnie's taxi as the details obtained from the speed camera suggested that the vehicle was in close proximity to the scene of the accident at around the same time. Traces of the victim's clothing had been found on the taxi and the officer arrested Steve for death by dangerous driving and for leaving the scene of an accident. After explaining that he was not driving that night and giving the police a solid alibi, Steve was released and Ronnie was subsequently arrested and charged.

In December of the same year, PC Carey and PC Dwight arrived at The Kabin following a call from Norris Cole after finally catching a hooded graffiti artist - Ryan Connor - who had been spraying tags over the walls and windows of the newsagents over the course of a week. After dragging Ryan inside The Kabin and making a citizen's arrest, Norris was incensed when the officers arrested him on suspicion of abduction and took no action against the minor for vandalism!

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