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PC Brewer investigated five crimes that hit the residents of Coronation Street, none of them were what they seemed on the surface.

In February 2010, Joe McIntyre made a desperate attempt to get himself out of his spiralling debt situation. With his incredulous wife Gail watching on, he sailed off into the night on Lake Windermere, planning to stage an “accident” and fake his own disappearance and death. Joe’s main protagonist for the money he owed was Rick Neelan, an unscrupulous loan shark who then began harassing and threatening Gail and Tina McIntyre, his daughter. PC Brewer came to speak to the two women who told of the threats and PC Brewer advised them that Neelan was known to them and he would be taken in for questioning. What none of them knew is that Joe’s attempt at deception had gone disastrously wrong and that he really had drowned. At almost the same moment that PC Brewer was visiting 8 Coronation Street, Joe’s body had been found.

The second visit came in May 2013 when seven rolls of expensive silk were stolen from an Underworld van when they were being delivered by Tracy Barlow. In reality, Tracy and Rob Donovan staged the robbery in revenge for Rob’s treatment at the hands of his sister and the company’s major shareholder Carla Connor. Tracy’s tale convinced the police as the insurance company agreed to pay up for the stolen goods while Rob attempted to sell the silk on and pocket the proceeds. Carla however discovered what the two were up to and managed to retrieve the silk from Rob.

In May of the following year, PC Brewer visited No.9 after occupant Tyrone Dobbs began receiving harassing text messages. He believed the culprit to be his ex Kirsty Soames (who had recently been released from Redford Prison), however the officer verified that Kirsty was out of the country at the time, and the messages originated from a mobile number within the UK. He advised Tyrone's partner Fiz Stape not to delete the texts and keep records of the times and dates that they were sent. Taking the law into her own hands, Fiz decided to phone the offending number and it was proven that Maria Connor was behind the messages. PC Brewer and a female colleague called at the salon flat in order to take Maria to Weatherfield Police Station to make a formal statement.

His next visit came in June 2016 when Jason Grimshaw discovered his van ablaze in Victoria Street. Jason was convinced that an acquaintance of the late Callum Logan was responsible, and told PC Brewer of his theory. As the fire brigade extinguished the blaze, the officer explained that his complaint couldn't be investigated further as Jason couldn't provide a name of anyone that would hold a grudge against him. In reality, fellow builder Pat Phelan had arranged for his friend Alastair Burton to torch the van, and furtively phoned him later to thank him for doing so.

In September 2017 he investigated when the Underworld factory was robbed of all its fixtures and fittings, even the roof, as well as its account being drained and the client list stolen. Eva Price, in collusion with Adam Barlow had arranged matters in revenge for Eva's boyfriend Aidan Connor having an affair with Maria Connor, a relative by marriage. Aidan's family suspected Eva when PC Brewer reported to them that there was no sign of a break-in at the factory but he refused to take any action against Eva when prompted by Johnny Connor, hinting that he suspected that it was an insurance job.

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