PC Birchall was one of the officers involved in the case when Danny Baldwin went missing in December 2006. The officer reappeared two months later in February 2007 involved in a bomb scare on Coronation Street. In April 2008, he was called in to speak to Roy Cropper after he'd deliberately caused an obstruction to the entrance of the Victoria Court development site by parking wife Hayley's car there. Roy was making a stand against Tony Gordon, the main investor, for having a part in the removal of a bat colony that was roosting on the site. The constable advised Roy - regardless of who was right or wrong in the argument - that he could still be eligible for a fixed penalty fine because of causing an obstruction. A driver who was angry at losing time and money by not being able to deliver materials to the site asked how long it would take to get the matter resolved, but the constable stated that he'd done all he could and would get the incident reported. Finally in July 2009, he and a colleague were called to Weatherfield General after an unstable Claire Peacock had climbed up to the hospital roof where she was initially admitted following a pulmonary embolism and miscarriage. Husband Ashley had managed to talk Claire down before the need for police intervention.

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