P.C. Henry was a police officer who worked on two cases involving Coronation Street residents in 1990.

In January of that year, when the police recovered Don Brennan's taxi after it was stolen from outside a betting shop, Henry paid a visit to 5 Coronation Street to tell Don that they were holding onto the vehicle as it had been involved in a hit-and-run. When Henry questioned Don on the circumstances of him reporting the car stolen, Don inferred that the police thought he had hit the cyclist and invented the story about the joyriders, and angrily repeated his account of the car being taken by two lads, one of whom was wearing a green anorak. Don had nothing to add to his story but Henry questioned him again at the police station a few days later, applying pressure on Don to confess.

Once the cyclist was out of danger, Henry went into the Rovers Return to tell Don that he could collect the taxi. He paid a third visit to the Street a week later to give the Brennans the good news that the lads had confessed and Don was in the clear for the hit-and-run. However, to clear his name Don had located the driver Joe Egerton himself and now faced an assault charge for manhandling the boy. P.C. Henry was not involved in the latter case, which was investigated independently of the hit-and-run.

Six months later, Henry returned to Coronation Street when Liz McDonald reported Steve and girlfriend Joanne Khan missing. The teens had fled the Street on Jim's motorbike before Joanne's sister Flick could take her home to Canterbury. Liz had called the police against the wishes of both Jim and Flick, who were hoping that the kids would return on their own. Receiving hostility from Flick, who was terrified of her parents' reaction to her sister's disappearance, Henry reminded them that they were on the same side and took down all the necessary details, including Flick's parents' address. Joanne returned home of her own accord a few days later and gave the McDonalds the address of the hotel in the Lake District where Steve could be found.

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