P.C. Betts was called to investigate a burglary at 4 Coronation Street in November 1990, along with his colleague WPC Kershaw. The house's occupants - Derek and Mavis Wilton - had spent the previous three days camping out in Manchester Airport, after the holiday they had been looking forward to fell through when Rosamund Travel went bust, leaving them £800 out of pocket. Determined not to go home until the matter had been sorted, Derek had insisted on sleeping at the airport in the hope of a resolution. Upon finally capitulating and returning home, the Wiltons were horrified to find the house had been broken into.

The Wiltons relayed the sorry story to the incredulous police officers, who were intrigued to learn that the Wiltons had left their key with neighbour Percy Sugden. P.C. Betts told Percy they would question him later.

In August 1991, Betts returned to the Street when Alec Gilroy reported a break-in at 1 Coronation Street. Knowing the house to be empty as Deirdre Barlow was away, next-door neighbour Alec phoned the police upon hearing noises coming from the house.

Investigating for herself, Bet Gilroy discovered that it was Alec's granddaughter Vicky Arden inside with Steve and Andy McDonald, who had used their mum Liz's spare key to get in. Vicky and the boys were broadcasting an illegal pirate radio station, and - aware that the police were on their way - Bet quickly ushered them out of the house via the back door. When Betts arrived with Alec and Liz in tow, Bet astonished them by answering the front door clutching a watering can, and pretending that she had been making the noise while watering Deirdre's plants for her. Alec knew she was lying as she had been with him in the pub when he heard the commotion, but savvy Liz urged him to keep his counsel in front of Betts.

Betts checked the house over to be on the safe side but was satisfied it had been a misunderstanding, and advised Alec to improve communication with his wife in the future!

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