Olivia Radfield was a model who came to Weatherfield in May 2018 to do a fashion shoot for Underworld.

She met Rosie Webster there, who warned her to check the extra bag agent Antoine Reese entrusted her with for drugs to see if he was up to his old tricks again. Olivia was disappointed to discover it was true, and decided to help Rosie and Gemma Winter in the scheme against Antoine for using unsuspecting models as drug mules.

They took the packages of drugs back to 4 Coronation Street to replace them with icing sugar and told Sally Metcalfe that they were using the icing sugar as they intended to bake a chocolate log cake. Olivia appreciated the intelligence of Rosie's plan to keep her out of trouble by leaving one package so nobody was any the wiser about swapping the rest for sugar, and planted Antoine's drugs back on him.

Unbeknownst to Olivia, her father Duncan Radfield and mother May Radfield concocted a plan to fake May's death for insurance money. Duncan went on to steal charity money and frame Sally for his crime, resulting in her imprisonment. Sally's daughter Sophie Webster, husband Tim Metcalfe and friend Yasmeen Nazir learned May was likely still alive, and pretended to book a gig at Speed Daal for Olivia. While there, Sophie peppered her with questions about her parents. Duncan soon learned of their scheme and came to get Olivia. Later that day, Duncan was hit by a car while arguing with Tim. Duncan initially told Olivia that Tim was to blame for the accident, but when May returned from hiding to visit him and learned the full extent of his schemes, a guilt-ridden Duncan confessed everything to the police.

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