Olive Turner (previously Clarke) was the widow of Percy Sugden's old army pal Nobby. She contacted him after spotting his photograph in the Weatherfield Gazette and they enjoyed reminiscing together at her house in Prestwich.

Percy grew fond of Olive and their sudden closeness made him think about his future. Olive too liked Percy but she didn't consider him as a potential partner and had thought he was with either Emily Bishop or Phyllis Pearce anyway. She was shocked when Percy proposed marriage, suggesting it as they were both lonely. Olive politely refused, preferring to remain friends, and asked Percy if he was joking. To save face, Percy went along with the pretense but there was some embarrassment had when he had to ask Olive to help him back up.

Olive and Percy didn't see much of each other after this. Some months later, Olive sent Percy an invitation to her wedding to Edwin Turner, which he saw as an insult to Nobby. He grudgingly attended and was disgusted to learn that Edwin had been a conscientious objector during the war.

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