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Officer McAlister was a guard at Highfield Prison and was on duty when inmate John Stape and his fiancée Fiz Brown were due to be married. After making a phone call to his mother on the morning of the wedding, John asked him for any words of wisdom. Advising him not to end up back inside, McAllister then led Stape into the prison chapel for the ceremony.

In the meantime, Fiz had cold feet about going through with the wedding without the blessing of her brother Chesney and holding back the tears, gently explained to John that she couldn't marry him as everyone was against their future happiness. She borrowed a handkerchief from the officer and requested that he let her out of the building.

Leading John back to his cell, McAlister reminded him that he'd be released within a couple of months and would be able to arrange a "proper" wedding but in the meantime, Roy and Hayley Cropper and Chesney made an impromptu appearance outside the gates and the wedding party were allowed inside. Fiz explained that she'd changed her mind and the wedding was now back on but the officer told them that it wasn't that simple - and there was a high probability that the Registrar would have already left. Hayley politely asked if he'd double-check and within minutes, he went back down to Stape's cell and instructed him to put his jacket back on as there'd been a change of plan.

McAlister returned to the chapel with the wedding party and as John and Fiz were duly married, he offered to take pictures for the happy couple.

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