This unnamed Nurse was one of the staff on duty when Gail Platt was admitted to Weatherfield General in March 2008, having been found lying motionless at the bottom of the stairs at 8 Coronation Street by her mother, Audrey Roberts. Gail's son David had pushed her in a fit of rage, following an argument over Tina McIntyre's abortion. The nurse showed the family into the intensive care unit where Gail was still unconscious and said that she would let them know when the results of Gail's scan became available.

In September of the same year the nurse was on duty again when Jerry Morton - ironically the next door neighbour of Gail Platt - was admitted after he had collapsed as a direct result of deliberately being given higher than prescribed dosages of his medication by ex-wife Teresa Bryant. As Jerry fully regained consciousness following an operation to suppress bleeding in the brain, the nurse went and fetched the doctor to complete her observations.