The Nurse was responsible for Percy Sugden's care when he slipped on an apple from Phyllis Pearce's burst shopping bag and broke his ankle while carrying out his crossing patrol duties in 1990.

When Percy was brought into Weatherfield General, the nurse had him taken for an X-ray. Hostile to Phyllis at the best of times, Percy complained that she hadn't been sent away, but the nurse felt it better that she remain at his side so that should he have to stay in hospital overnight she could fetch his things from home. Blaming Phyllis for causing his injury, once he'd got rid of her Percy gave the nurse strict instructions not to admit her should she call again.

Laid up in hospital for a few days, Percy gave the nurses a hard time with his bossiness and perfectionism, at one point criticising the nurse for tittle-tattling and complaining that he'd had ice lollies hotter than the tea from the trolley. When Emily Bishop came to visit him, the nurse told her that having Percy in the ward made her nostalgic for the days when they had a matron in charge. Later that day, Phyllis paid Percy a visit. Angry that his wishes had been ignored, Percy didn't speak to her, leading Phyllis to ask the nurse if he'd hurt his vocal chords. The nurse assured her that he certainly hadn't damaged those.

When Percy came home the next day, he told Emily that when he asked to be let away, the nurses had been happy to oblige - a statement which Deirdre Barlow imagined was very much the case.

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