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The Nurse attended to Jane Rayner, a terminally-ill mentor of cancer patient Hayley Cropper in February 2013 when she was admitted to a hospice in the advanced stages of pancreatic cancer herself. Roy and Hayley visited her where they were shocked at the sudden deterioration in her condition.

While the nurse put some flowers that Hayley had brought with her in a vase, the Croppers talked to Jeff Rayner and a morphine-doped Jane but they were alarmed when the patient suddenly fell silent. The nurse checked her pulse and eye movement and said that she had just fallen into a deep sleep. Jane died just three weeks later.

Three years later the nurse was working in Weatherfield General where Macca, the brother of Kylie Platt's killer Clayton Hibbs was admitted with a head injury when a brick was thrown through his window. Intent on lashing out in revenge, David visited the hospital where the nurse told him the "good news" that Macca was expected to make a full recovery but was heavily sedated and needed rest. David made his way into his room where he removed his oxygen mask and placed his hand over his nose and mouth. Hearing the nurse returning, David pretended to be making his "friend" more comfortable and made his escape.

One year later, in November 2017, Seb Franklin was in hospital after falling off a ladder and was depressed after his mother Abi broke the news to him that he might have contracted HIV. The nurse prepared to take him for his tests to prove or disprove the condition.

In August 2018 Josh Tucker was the patient, beaten unconscious by Ethan Corrin after Billy Mayhew warned him that Josh had a record of drugging men with GHB prior to raping them and he was following the same pattern of behaviour with him.

Serving his sentence in Highfield Prison, Clayton was admitted into hospital in February 2019 after being brutally beaten following his mother Shona Ramsey's refusal to smuggle cocaine into the prison. She visited him there were the nurse told her that her son had suffered multiple contusions of his head and face but the CT scan of his head and neck ruled out any fracture of the skull or spine but careful monitoring of his condition would continue.

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