Yellow and green-haired Punk Rocker Norman Mannion was a scouser who had met Suzie Birchall at a party and took up her offer of a bed for the night if ever he needed one when he turned up at 11 Coronation Street unannounced one evening. He annoyed Mike Baldwin who was on a night out with Suzie for ruining his chances with her but that was nothing compared to the shock he gave Hilda Ogden when she saw him in the backyard the next morning. She stormed into No.11, thinking he was trespassing and accusing him of being "of them punk rockets". He adopted a persona of a wild-eyed psycho which led her to run for her life. Suzie realised the fun she could have with this reputation and spread the story round that he was the new buyer for Elsie Tanner's old house and Norman went along with the ruse, telling Hilda that he planned to set up a punk commune. Horrified, she immediately started suggesting that a petition be drawn up to prevent the plan happening but, as always, her suggestions met with little response from the residents. Suzie took Norman into the Rovers and encouraged him to wear his most extreme make-up and clothing for the occasion. Fred Gee suggested he be thrown out but Annie Walker conversed with him and recognised that in the sharp-talking, philosophical and classic music-loving youngster was an educated man and they chatted amiably.

Actor Andrew Schofield was credited as "Andrew Scoefield" for both his appearances in the role.

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