Norma Fountain was a former fiancée of Dennis Tanner. The pair had lived together at her house, but she contributed financially more often than he did as Dennis usually did odd jobs. The couple were due to get married in 2009, but he jilted her on their wedding day and fled the area.

Two years later, Norma read about Dennis in the newspaper as conmen who set up a soup kitchen which he visited when homeless were sent down. She turned up at The Kabin on Coronation Street looking for him after learning he lived there. Dennis was panicked when Norris Cole told him about her turning up and he fled the Street. Norma left her contact details with Norris, and Rita Sullivan decided to get in touch with her - the pair met up in the Rovers Return Inn, where she revealed to Rita and Emily Bishop about being jilted.

Rita and Deirdre Barlow found Dennis on the streets and took him home, and Rita persuaded him to talk to Norma and tell her why he jilted her. Norma came to the Rovers again and talked it out with Dennis and they finally settled the matter.

In June 2012, when one of Norma's sons had been badly injured in a car accident, she came to Dennis, who by this time was engaged to Rita. Norris caught Dennis taking Norma into their flat on Dennis' stag night, and informed Rita who believed Dennis was having an affair. When Rita went to confront them, Dennis explained that he had merely been comforting Norma. After explaining to Rita that she had no other family to turn to, Norma apologised and left, thanking Dennis for his support and wished him well in sorting things out with his fiancée.

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