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Norcross Prison is a women's prison in Manchester.

Previous inmates include Fiz Stape and Anna Windass who were falsely accused of assisting a murderer and attempted murder respectively. Maria Connor also ended up as an inmate here after it was discovered that she had married a man, Pablo Duarte, in order to grant him a green card.

Fiz was falsely accused of murder of Colin Fishwick but she was allowed to keep her daughter Hope while she was incarcerated, and was housed in the Mother and Baby unit. Fiz met Ruth Walsh who used baby Hope as a way to smuggle drugs. Fiz discovered this and told Ruth she would keep quiet if she stopped the illegal activity, but she continued with the help of fellow inmate Ginny Portis. Ruth's boyfriend Leon Southam, who was the main supplier of the drugs, was followed and caught by Tyrone Dobbs and friends. Leon himself ended up in jail.

Maria was incarcerated for a short time for marrying Pablo Duarte as a means for him to stay in the country and met her cellmate Danielle who was serving time for robbery.

Anna was framed by Pat Phelan who accused her of pushing Seb Franklin off his ladder. Anna met fellow inmate Karen in prison, who offered to help Anna and smuggled a mobile phone into prison so she could arrange for Eileen Phelan to visit her and keep in contact with her family.

Sally Metcalfe was originally on remand here under a false fraud accusation, but her bail was denied due to her threatening a witness just hours before her trial began. She was subsequently found guilty and wrongly convicted in November 2018, ordered to serve a four year sentence. She was released in January 2019.

Abi Franklin was also sent here in November 2018 and ordered to serve a sixteen week sentence after taking the blame when her son Seb trashed Preston's Petals. She briefly shared a cell with an old friend named Marcia, and again, released in January 2019.

Yasmeen Metcalfe was remanded in custody at Norcross, having been refused bail at a preliminary hearing at Weatherfield Magistrates Court in May 2020. She was charged with the attempted murder of her coercive husband Geoff and awaited trial - the original hearing in July having been postponed when Yasmeen suffered a heart attack. The trial was finally heard at Weatherfield Crown Court in December of that year, where she was subsequently found not guilty and immediately freed.

In October of the same year, Grace Vickers was arrested on a charge of fraud by false representation and was held here until her eventual release in January 2021.

Faye Windass was handed down a three-year sentence for grievous bodily harm in April 2021 after confessing to having mistakenly attacked Adam Barlow inside a darkened Viaduct Bistro one night in December 2020. Her intended target was Ray Crosby, following his sexual assault on her, to which he submitted a not guilty plea. Faye was released on bail having served seven months, after Ray was eventually persuaded by Debbie Webster to change his statement and he admitted his guilt to the assault in November 2021.

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