Norah Tanner (née Dawson) ran a toffee shop on Nelson Street and was Arnold Tanner's second wife - (Elsie being the first). In 1961, when Arnold was trying without success to get Elsie to agree to a divorce, Norah pressurised Elsie both at Miami Modes, where she worked, and then at her home. Elsie didn't take Norah seriously as she didn't share Elsie's unflattering opinion of Arnold. Warning Norah that Arnold was probably after her money, Elsie stood firm. Arnold later gained her co-operation by threatening to sue her over her wartime romances.

Later in the year, when Elsie was having an affair with Bill Gregory, Norah wrote a poison pen letter to Elsie, reminding her that she was not yet divorced.

By 1962, Norah and Arnold were married. They briefly looked after Arnold's father Wally in 1966.

Norah was referred to several times but only appeared in one episode. She was played by Avril Angers.
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