Norah Seddon (née Nugent) was the bossy, domineering sister of Emily Bishop. One of six children in the Nugent family, her mother died when she was young and she was taken care of along with her sisters and brother by Emily, without the help of father James. Norah went on to get married to Charles who worked in a bank and created pottery for a hobby. They had several children. When her father was struggling with ill health in 1966, Norah and her sisters selfishly allowed Emily to take full responsibility until they were persuaded to each take care of him in turn.

In April 1961, she came along as moral support to Emily when she was tasked by the committee of the Glad Tidings Mission Hall to inform Ena Sharples that she dismissed from her role of caretaker and was being given a week's notice to evict her home in the vestry. Ena recognised Norah as someone whose face appeared in the press for adverts for national savings, won trophies for ballroom dancing and whose husband was then on the council but it didn't stop Ena from turning her full fury on Norah when she heard their news, telling her that she was already too low for her to insult further.

She made a rare visit to Emily in August 1971 to congratulate her on her engagement to Ernie Bishop and walked into a full-scale row between Ernie and his grasping sister and brother-in-law Edie and Sidney Burgess. Ernie had recently cut his sister's allowance down and they arrived to complain about it, blaming Emily. Norah both managed to tell the Burgess's what she thought of them while at the same time telling Emily off for not standing up for herself and questioning the fitness of the family she was marrying into. In April 1972 she was a guest at Emily and Ernie's wedding where the groom described Norah as a woman who was difficult to warm to. After Ernest's death in January 1978 in a shooting at Baldwin's Casuals, Norah arrived to help and support Emily and attended the funeral with her. Emily eventually returned home by herself, not wanting to spend much more time with her domineering sister.

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