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No. 6 Quebec House, Weatherfield Quays was Mike Baldwin's first flat in the Quays having moved there from 46b, St. Mary's Place following the sale of his factory - Baldwin's Casuals - to developer Maurice Jones. He moved in on 30th August 1989. The development of the Quays mirrored what was going on in real life with the development of Salford Quays and the gradual 'yuppification' of the area.

Mike moved in as a single man but by Boxing Day 1989 he was already back on good terms with old flame Alma Sedgewick whom he invited to move in just three weeks later. Mike confessed to her that despite selling the factory for £243,000 a bad investment in Spain had left him almost broke.

In order to make money Mike and Alma set up a small operation inside the flat making travel bags for Peter Ingram. This was quickly noticed by other residents who complained, pointing out it was very much against the rules to run a business from the flats, and the operation had to be moved to Alma's empty premises - the flat above Jim's Cafe in Rosamund Street.

Following the death of Peter Ingram, Mike was keen to move on from being a mere manager and moved in on his widow Jackie. Alma walked out and Mike gradually moved into the Ingram residence and sold No 6. Quebec House in January 1991.

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