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No. 6 Montreal House, Weatherfield Quays was a flat in the Weatherfield Quays.

Steve McDonald began renting the property in September 1994 much to the horror of Mike Baldwin who owned the neighbouring flat. Steve held a flat-warming party as a ruse to offer a business proposition to Mike but he declined the invitation. When Mike later changed his mind, Steve relied on his girlfriend Fiona to help him hastily re-organise the party but Fiona was frustrated by the way Steve ignored her and expected her to wait on the other guests and revealed the true nature of the party to Mike.

In March 1995, Steve was in financial difficulty and was forced to move out of the flat and into Fiona's flat above Jim's Cafe, to Mike's delight. By October, Steve had reunited with and married his ex Vicky Arden and suggested that they buy his old flat. Although Vicky was reluctant because she knew Steve had previously asked Fiona to move in there, she decided to rent the flat and the pair moved in. By April 1996 however the marriage was in tatters and Vicky cancelled the lease on the flat.

In 2000, Dev Alahan moved into the flat and Deirdre Rachid stayed with him for a period in March 2001 when her relationship with Ken Barlow had hit the rocks. Dev would subsequently share the flat with several girlfriends; Geena Gregory, Tracy Preston, Maya Sharma and Sunita Parekh, the last of whom would become his wife in 2004. When Dev first began his relationship with Sunita and separated from Maya, she vengefully trashed his flat, the beginning of a long campaign against him and Sunita.

Following Dev and Sunita's split in November 2005 they both vacated the flat, which hasn't been seen since.

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