No. 4 Montreal House, Weatherfield Quays was the home of Mike Baldwin from 1992 to his death in 2006. It was Mike's second property in the Quays having previously owned No. 6 Quebec House from 1989 - 1991.

Mike bought the flat using the settlement given to him by Jackie Ingram following their very short marriage in 1991.

Mike lived at the flat firstly with wife Alma, and then later on Linda Sykes who became Mrs Baldwin No. 4 in 2000. Neither of these marriages lasted and Mike remained in the flat alone until 2005 when son Danny moved in following his divorce from wife Frankie along with girlfriend Leanne Battersby. Mike was moved to Weatherfield General when his health rapidly deteriorated and Danny remained in the flat.

After Mike's death two wills emerged and eventually the estate was settled and the flat was no longer seen on screen.