Nita Desai was daughter of Ravi Desai, sister to Vikram.

Introduced to the street as Fred Elliott's new assistant at the Corner Shop, Nita had a secret interest in the business as her father planned to purchase it. However, when Fred's son Ashley Peacock discovered that Nita had been planted as a spy - Fred was able to trick the Ravi into parting with more money for the shop. When Nita took full control on the shop, and the flat above, she took on her brother Vikram as a sales assistant - but he wasn't keen on working under his sister. From the beginning Nita began making changes that caused a stir on the street when she broke an unwritten agreement between the Corner Shop and The Kabin about selling newspapers, causing a price war between herself and Sharon Gaskell. However, Ravi demanded that she stopped when he discovered that the war had damaged his profit margins. Later, Nita quit the shop and finds herself a management job at Freshco after discovering that Vik would inherit the shop instead.

Throughout her time on the street Nita was perused by Steve McDonald, Spider Nugent and Curly Watts but only found interest in Frescho boss James Kitching - who convinced her to apply for a job at Freshco's head office as area supervisor. When Nita discovered that James had lied about her chances of gaining the position in order to sleep with her, she planned to return to the Corner Shop - but discovered that Ravi had sold the shop to cousin Dev Alahan.

After Dev and Vikram clashed over the shop, Vik planned to start his own taxi firm but realised that he would need to sell the family home in order to fund the enterprise. Nita was against selling the house but later went along with the idea. When she successfully applied for the manager's job at Scotland's Freshco flagship store in Inverness. She left the street in May 2000.

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