Nina Morrison was a consultant neurosurgeon who worked at Weatherfield General and who dealt with head injuries to two residents of Coronation Street.

The first was Nick Tilsley after he was badly injured in a car crash in August 2013 , partly caused by his half-brother David Platt. Miss Morrison introduced herself to Nick's wife Leanne and informed her that he had a large blood clot pressing on his brain and required immediate surgery or he would die. The day after the operation, she told Leanne that the surgery went well and the clot had been removed but he was being kept in an induced coma and on life support to control the situation and reduce the swelling in the brain. In response to Leanne and Gail McIntyre's anxious replies, Nina made it clear that following major surgery of this nature, they could only take matters a day at a time and they wouldn't know if there would be permanent brain damage.

After several days, Nina told the family that the swelling hadn't yet reduced and it could take a couple more weeks. She also informed them that his memory and speech could be affected as well as his balance and coordination although physiotherapy would help in that regard. She also warned them that there could be emotional mood swings.

A week later, Nick had improved and as the swelling had reduced they wanted to take him off life support and have him breathing of his own accord. The next day, she reported that Nick had had a good night and so they were planning to take him off the ventilator as planned. From there onwards, Nick's recovery was slow but sure.

In May 2015, Maddie Heath was the patient after she was injured from an explosion at Jason's Construction following a fire in the nearby Victoria Court flats. Her condition was more serious than Nick's and Nina had to break the news that at the stage that they were at, surgery would not assist. All they could do was monitor her and hope that she would improve although the next twenty-four hours were critical. In the end, Maddie didn't pull through and died in her hospital bed.

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