Nina Mandal was the wife of Prem Mandal who began to flirt with Prem's mate Dev Alahan. Dev had idolized her in his youth, as she'd been a Bollywood star. The following day Nina invited Dev to come to dinner with her and Prem, along with attractive young accountant, Lisa Dalton. When Nina and Dev were alone, Nina shocked Dev by suggesting they embarked an affair. After some initial reluctance, he gave in within a few days. Nina then told Dev to book a weekend away for them.

Nina tried to blackmail Dev when he attempted to end their affair, although it eventually ended. When Dev was introduced to Prem and Nina's daughter Tara, Nina furiously warned the shopkeeper to keep away from her. Nina later again blackmailed Dev into ending his relationship with Tara, by threatening to reveal their affair to Prem, but Dev instead confessed. In November 2008, Nina was devastated when Tara discovered that she had also been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. Tara refused to have anything to do with her and Nina urged Dev not to tell her about their fling.

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